Expert-Led Cheap Aircon Servicing For Singaporean Homes & Businesses

Don’t swelter in the tropical heat. Get Billy Aircon to perform preventative or emergency servicing and maintenance and enjoy a cool home or office. We’ve been providing high-quality services to our Singapore customers for more than a quarter of a century. As one of the city’s leading companies of engineers and technicians we meet all of your repairs, installation and services needs from small residential to major industrial scale projects. Our team is fully accredited meaning you can always count on us to a fantastic service.

We strive to provide the most competitively priced services, repairs, chemical washes and maintenance. However, if you do manage to find a better price quote then let us know, we will beat it, whether it be on hourly rates, a new install or maintenance.

Contact us today, we will be delighted to give you a quote that puts a smile on your face.


Our Suite of Services

What’s Included in Our Aircon Servicing Packages?

  • Cleaning and checking the filter, cover and front panel for damage
  • Deodorising and sanitising the filter
  • Cleaning and inspection of the drainage tray and evaporator coil
  • Vacuum cleaning of drainage system and pan
  • Brushing and checking the condenser coil for leaks
  • Inspection and lubrication of fan bearings
  • Compressor pressure discharged
  • Electrical connections tightened
  • Complimentary gas check and top up
Aircon servicing contractor at work in Singapore
We’re just one call away. Book one of our services and discover the difference a cleaned machine can make. We even send regular servicing reminders to keep you air conditioners cool.


Servicing of Aircon Fan
We do aircon troubleshooting for all major brands and you can be assured with our expertise and experience of over 25 years. Your Air Conditioners is in safe hands.


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Billy Aircon is a specialist in the supply, installation and maintenance of residential, commercial, retail and industrial Air Conditioning systems throughout Singapore


The importance of regular aircon inspection

In our hot and humid climate, the last thing you want is your aircon to breakdown. Like it or not, however, air-conditioner failures are almost unavoidable. Thankfully, now you can get cheap aircon servicing, repairs and maintenance for your system conducted by fully qualified professionals.

At Billy Aircon, we provide premium quality services across the city at an unbeatable price. For the past two and half years, we have maintained our position as one of the leading teams of aircon contractors, thanks to our team of trained and qualified engineers who go to great lengths to ensure client satisfaction.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Aircon Servicing Company?

Many of the calls we receive from our customers are sometimes emergencies – mostly cases where the aircon has stopped working completely. You easily can avoid such emergencies by hiring us for aircon maintenance or aircon cleaning. If you notice any of the following signs, contact us immediately:

  • Unusual noise – If your air conditioner is recently making excessive noise, maybe it is time to seek professional help. Excessive noise may be caused by loosening of some components, and a faulty motor system.
  • Not cooling enough – If your fails to cool off enough, this could be due to a problem with its dirty fan-coil or other faulty parts.
  • Water leakage – This may happen due to excessive clogging of the drainage pipe. A simple cleaning service would be enough to fix the problem.

Also, look for signs like unusual smell, decreased airflow, and any issues with the indicator light. Whatever the problem is, our expert technicians can restore your air conditioner to its normal working condition quickly.


Why Us?

Whether you need installation, repair, maintenance or a complete overhaul, we can help you. For a high quality, cheap aircon servicing that’ll have any property cool in no time, get in touch. Still undecided? Here are some reasons to choose us.

 We have been in the business for 25 years.
 We have a team of highly skilled, experienced engineers and operators.
 We offer all-inclusive air conditioner services
 We offer the lowest price guarantee. If, however, you find a better price anywhere in town, just let us know, and we will offer you a cheaper price, without compromising quality.

Over the years, we have established a steady client base, including both commercial and residential customers. Thankfully, most of our clients are happy with our services.

Don’t take our word for it; check what the customers have to say by reading our reviews or by joining a local forum. Got a question or want to make an appointment for cheap aircon servicing? Please contact us right away!