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Best Aircon Service Singapore Company with 25 Years of Experience To Bring Back Fresh Cool Air

Get Best Aircon Servicing Singapore & Repair at Affordable Price. Professional Aircon Service with 25 Years Experience. Call (65) 9456 0875 Now!

Don’t swelter in the tropical heat. Get Billy Aircon Company to perform preventative or emergency aircon servicing in Singapore and enjoy a cool home or office.

We’ve been providing high-quality aircon service to our Singapore customers for more than a quarter of a century.

We cover all locations within Singapore including Hougang, Jurong West, Bedok, Sengkang, Ang Mo Kio, Bukit Batok, Tampines, Pasir Ris, Yishun, Toa Payoh and Woodlands.


Billy Aircon offers aircon servicing & repair at an affordable price with 25 years of experience. Here are the reasons why customers like us.

  • Billy Aircon was founded in 2003
  • Our chief technical leader has accumulated 25 years of work experience in air con servicing, water leakage & chemical overhaul
  • We start from a team of 5 increase to 26 people today
  • Each technician has more than 3 years of experience. We never send a newbie to you
  • We have special service team to handle emergency air conditioners repair & aircon servicing in Singapore
  • Our customer service respond to your enquiry and appointment within 24 hours.

As one of the city’s leading air con companies of engineers and technicians, we meet all of your aircon repair, installation and services needs from small residential to major industrial-scale projects.

Our technicians are fully accredited meaning you can always count on us to a fantastic service.

We strive to provide the most competitively priced aircon servicing, repairs, chemical cleaning and maintenance.

Contact us today, we will be delighted to give you a quote that puts a smile on your face.

Last Update July 5, 2022


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Why Billy Aircon?

Whether you need installation, servicing, repair, maintenance or a complete chemical overhaul for your aircon units, we can help you. Get in touch with one of the top aircon servicing Singapore company like us for high-quality aircon services that’ll have any property cool in no time. Still undecided? Here are some reasons to choose us.


Our Guarantee

100% solve all your aircon servicing & repair problems.

Guarantee follow up services within 7 days.

Customer service responses within 24 hours.

Free 90 days workmanship warranty.


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No middle man

No Middleman's Cut

There are some aircon service companies especially online who just outsource their service to real aircon servicing contractors and charge higher rates to get their cut as a commission.
Full AC licensed company

Fully-Licensed Company

Billy Aircon is a fully-licensed aircon company who is authorised to install, provide aircon servicing, maintenance & repair service for air conditioner owners in residences, condominiums and commercial establishments.
25 Years of experience

Over 25 Years of Experience

Our aircon technicians are led by certified experts with more than 25 years of experience in aircon servicing and aircon system installation.
90 days workmanship warranty

90 Days Workmanship Warranty

Our 90 days workmanship warranty on aircon installation & repair works is a solid assurance that our technicians deliver not only quality aircon services, but it is also risk-free.

We support different type of aircon brands including Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba, LG and Mitsubishi. Over the years, we have established a steady client base, including both commercial and residential customers in Singapore. Thankfully, most of our clients are happy with our air con services.

Our Services

Standard Aircon Cleaning Service

Book one of our aircon servicing Singapore package and discover the difference a cleaned aircon can make. Check out more Singapore aircon servicing best price & deals & gas top up service.

Aircon Chemical Wash

Our technicians do a chemical wash solution using a specially formulated sanitising mixture, leaving the air conditioner unit free of dirt.

Chemical Overhaul

Our AC chemical overhaul will dismantle and clean each part of the aircon system with an approved safe chemical cleaning solution. This can eliminate most of the AC problems, making your AC cool like a new unit!

Air Conditioner Installation

We specialize in air conditioning systems installation for residential, commercial, retail and industrial throughout Singapore.

AC Gas Top-up & Leak Fix

We can fix your AC gas leak issue, top up AC gas and make sure everything is running at peak performance.

Commercial AC Service

We have a team of expert technicians who provide commercial and industrial air conditioning services for all brands. We will diagnose & repair any problem you might be having with your commercial AC unit, no matter if it is big or small.

Troubleshooting & Repair

We offer aircon troubleshooting service for all major aircon brands, and you can be assured with our expertise and experience of over 25 years.

AC Part Replacement

We have a full selection of replacement parts for a wide variety of air conditioner brands. Also, our experienced repair technicians can have your faulty AC unit up and running in no time.

Our Affordable Price

One-Time Standard Cleaning

No. of UnitsBest Rate
1 Unit (c/w Condenser)$50
2 Units (c/w Condenser)$55
3 Units (c/w Condenser)$70
4 Units (c/w Condenser)$85
5 Units (c/w Condenser)$100
6 Units (c/w Condenser)$115
7-9 Units (c/w Condenser)$18/units **
10++ Units (c/w Condenser)$16/units **
** See terms & conditions below.

Air Conditioning Chemical Wash

Type of CleaningBest Rate
1 Unit Non Dismantle Chemical Wash$80 to $100
1 Unit Dismantle Chemical Wash$130 to $180

Annual Contract Air-con Servicing

No. of UnitsQuarterly (4x)
1 Units (c/w Condenser)-
2 Units (c/w Condenser)$200
3 Units (c/w Condenser)$240
4 Units (c/w Condenser)$300
5 Units (c/w Condenser)$360
6 Units (c/w Condenser)$400

Gas Top Up

Type of GasBest Rate
R22 GAS$50 to $80
R410 GAS$60 to $150

Check-Up Service

Type of WorkBest Rate
Standard Troubleshooting$40
Advanced Troubleshooting$50
All Aircon Services Come With

Our Guarantee

100% solve all your air conditioning repair & servicing problems.

Guarantee follow up air conditioner services within 7 days.

Free 90 days workmanship warranty.

Customer service responses within 24 hours.

Hotline Untill 8PM

(c/w Condenser) = Refer to Check With Condenser
* Multiple Unit's Prices Apply to Single House Only. It CANNOT Be Shared With Multiple Locations.
* Additional charges may apply to CBD area and job starts from 6pm. Applicable to a single location only.
** The low price per unit only applicable to a single HDB/Flat/Condo within same address. It doesn't apply to a combination of multiple units in different locations.

Common Problems that You Should Contact a Professional

When it comes time for your AC service, hire a pro! The pros will check the thermostat's settings as well as make sure that gas levels of refrigerant are in good condition. Plus they won't have any problem getting into those hard-to-reach spots while checking the rest of the system for problems. Hiring an expert is guaranteed to provide peace of mind during this process so why not give them call today?

Many people call us when their air conditioner has stopped working. ACCA says that you can avoid emergencies by doing regular aircon servicing, maintenance or washing, and cleaning service. If you see any of the following signs on the air conditioner, contact us:

Also, look for signs like unusual smell, AC freeze up, decreased airflow, and any issues with the indicator light. Whatever the problem is, our expert technicians can restore your air conditioner to its normal working condition quickly.

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Don’t take our word for it.
Check what the customers have to say by reading our reviews!

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Hot and Humid Weather in Singapore

Singapore is located in Southeast Asia as an island country. It is occasionally known as the "Little Red Dot", "Lion City" or the "Garden City". Singapore is a top country in Asia largely because of the development it has experienced in the past couple of decades.

There are not many downsides to living in Singapore aside from its hot and humid weather. It has a tropical rainforest weather with high humidity, uniform pressure and temperature, and abundant rainfall. Singapore has no typical seasons but a monsoon season starts from November until January (source). The sun shines all year round which can get hot especially during the summer time.

Tourists also complain about the humidity as well. This is due to the city being close to the ocean where the heat and the wind will bring in water either through the breeze or rainfall. It rains constantly in the city because of the high temperatures and being near a huge water source. Find out more about weather in Singapore


What's the downside of not servicing your AC?

If you don't service your air conditioning regularly, dust and dirt can build up in it. This will make the filters clogged with debris, which ultimately makes them inefficient because they have blocked airflow. AC maintenance is vital for maintaining the efficiency and functionality of this appliance to save power without experiencing higher bills due to a clogged filter or dirty system.

Why does my air conditioner not work after it has been serviced?

This could be because of many reasons. One thing for certain is that you must hire a professional technician who knows what they are doing to take care of any problems with your system.

How much is air conditioner servicing in Singapore? 💵 🇸🇬

The standard air conditioner servicing price per unit start from $16 depends on the number of units per household. ➡️ Click here for the full pricing🔥🔥🔥

How much are aircon troubleshooting and check-up service❓

The standard troubleshooting cost $40 and Advanced troubleshooting cost $50.

Is AC servicing required every year?

If you want your unit to serve for longer than its typical lifespan, the cooling system must be serviced annually. Otherwise, all sorts of problems can arise, ranging from lower efficiency and reduced comfort level to irreparable damage like burst pipes or broken parts because they weren't taken care of in time. But don't worry; by taking good care of the AC you'll not only avoid these issues but save money as well since everything will be working perfectly!

What would happen if you removed the filter and ran your AC?

Removing the filter will not stop your AC from running, but it can result in many problems that could cost you more money than if you simply left the filter on. For example, dirt and debris entering into compromising system components such as fans may cause them to wear out faster or become clogged up; moisture without proper drainage at an alarming rate might overflow onto other parts like Freon tubing, causing corrosion.

Why choose Billy Aircon❓

➡️ 100% solve all your aircon servicing & repair problems.
➡️ Guarantee follow up services within 7 days.
➡️ Customer service responses within 24 hours.
➡️ Free 90 days workmanship warranty.
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