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man installs indoor unit of the air conditioner

man installs indoor unit of the air conditioner

An air conditioner works by circulating coolants through the pipes connecting the internal and external compartments and other components. From the filters, evaporator coils, fans to the compressor and condenser, every component of an air conditioner plays an important role in ensuring smooth functioning of the system.

Unfortunately, the aircon components gather dust, dirt and grime over time due to normal, day-to-day functioning. The accumulated dust, if not cleaned in time, can even obstruct the normal functioning of the system. This is exactly why you need to clean. If you notice any signs of damage, you should seek professional help for aircon servicing without delay. When it comes to cleaning your air conditioner, you need maintain your air conditioner regularly to make sure you follow the right cleaning method for the right component. Let’s take a look at the different cleaning methods for air conditioners.

Ways to Clean an Air Conditioner

Depending on the part you are cleaning and how corrosive and sticky the dirt is, you may want to use one or more of the following methods for cleaning.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner – If you want to clean the internal parts of your system without dismantling them entirely, you can use a vacuum to suck in the dust accumulated on the surface of the parts, such as, filters, evaporator coils, pipes, and fans. Remember, however, that cleaning with a vacuum may not be effective when you do not clean regularly. Ideally, you should use this method of cleaning after two months, if not earlier.
  • Use an air compressor – You can use an air compressor as an alternative to a vacuum cleaner. Use one that comes with a nozzle on the end. This will help you clean the internal components with more precision and less hassle. Filters and coils can be cleaned with an air compressor.
  • Use chemicals – Chemical cleaning is a highly effective method of cleaning the filters and other internal components that have toxic gunk or other corrosive substances accumulated on them due to lack of cleaning and maintenance for a long period of time. You need to dismantle the parts and clean them one by one. The process works by immersing the internal parts in a chemical solution. If you want to clean the pipes and other components that cannot be separated, you can simply wash out those parts flushing the chemical solution on them. Aircon chemical cleaning helps improve the performance and cooling efficiency of your air conditioner and enhances the indoor air quality, thereby preventing mold growth and maintaining a healthy indoor environment in your home or office.

You can also use spray-on coil cleaners for cleaning the filters or coils at home. You’ll find this coil cleaning sprays at your nearby home improvement shop. You simply need to apply the spray on the dirty coil, leave it for some time, and then wash it with clean water. It is always a good idea to hire professionals for aircon servicing or cleaning.

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