8 Things To Consider Before Buying Air Conditional Unit.

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With global temperatures increasing by the day, air conditioning units have become a must have appliance in every household. However, even though many people are in need of this accessory, not everyone has an idea of what to look for when buying such an appliance. If you have never shopped for an AC before, there is a high chance that you will get stressed out before you can find what you are looking for.

That is because there are many brands and options to choose from making it is difficult to make a quick decision.

8 Things You Might Want To Consider When Purchasing An Air Conditioner.

To help choose an air conditioner that is reliable and long-lasting, you might want to consider these 8 important factors.

1. The Type Of AC

There are different types of air conditioners in the market. Therefore, you need to learn about some of these appliances so that you can make the right pick. The first type of AC that is commonly used is the window AC. This particular air conditioning system is usually installed in rooms with multiple windows. That is because they require a lot of space and you might be required to adjust the size of your windows so that they can fit perfectly.

The second type of air conditioning systems is split AC. These appliances are small in size compared to window air conditioning systems. They also require less space for installation and can be installed in rooms that do not have windows.

Another type of air conditioning unit that you should be aware of is the portable AC. Portable air conditioning units are effective in small rooms and can be shifted from one section to another. That is because they are very small in size and they are not heavy.

2. Size

This is a vital factor to keep in mind when choosing an air conditioning unit. The last thing you want is to buy an AC that does not fit in your room or requires major adjustments. Such issues will only cost you more so that you can be able to install the air conditioning unit that you bought. Therefore, to avoid such inconvenience, look for an AC that will fit where you want to have it installed. For example, you can install a small air conditioning unit in small rooms and big AC units can be installed inside spacious rooms.

3. Cooling Capacity Or Tonnage

Tonnage is also an essential factor to consider when purchasing an air conditioning system. The reason why this factor is important is that the AC’s cooling capacity can affect your electric consumption. For example, if your air conditioner has less tonnage and you install it in a big room, it will automatically increase the electric consumption every month. Also, the air conditioning system will not be reliable since it will not be able to cool the room properly because of less tonnage. Therefore, choose an air conditioning system with less or more tonnage depending on the size of the room where you want to have it installed.

4. Power Consumption

Power consumption also matters. You do not want to end up paying huge electricity bill because of adding a single appliance in your home. Air conditioning systems do not consume the same amount of power. Some of these appliances rely on high voltage so that they can work efficiently, while others only rely on a small amount of power yet work effectively as well. Because of this reason, looking for a brand that has a high rating for less electricity consumption and high rating for efficient use.

5. The Condenser

You might not be familiar with the parts of an air conditioning system, but having basic information on what makes an appliance last longer can help you choose the best product. How long an air conditioning system lasts depends on the type of coils and condenser that it has. Today, brands that manufacture these products either use aluminium condenser or copper condenser. These two types of condensers work efficiently at first, but only one survives after being used for an extended period.

Aluminium condensers do not last very long that is why they are sold at a lower price. Therefore, look for an air conditioning system that has a copper condenser. This particular brands might be more expensive but you are guaranteed to serve you for longer.

6. Noise

Another vital factor that you should consider when buying this particular appliance is the noise it emits. Some air conditioning systems produce a very loud noise when they are turned on. Such an appliance can be disturbing especially in the evening. Therefore, make sure that you look for an air conditioning system with less noise. If you are buying this product from a local shop, you can ask the vendor to test it for you so that you can find out whether the AC is too loud or not.

7. Brand

The brand also matters, which is why you should keep this factor in mind. Some brands are well known for producing quality air conditioning systems. Therefore, if you want to find a quality product, look for a band that has been in the market for decades such as Daikin, Panasonic & Mitsihibushi. Furthermore, make sure that the brand has maintained its reputation for still producing reliable air conditioning systems.

8. Maintenance, Costs And Needs

Lastly, you should consider maintenance as well as the needs and cost of installation. Some of these air conditioning systems are easy to install and maintain, while others require technical skills and experience to do such work. When dealing with such equipment, you might be required to hire a technician to do the maintenance work for you. That means you will be required to pay an extra fee for maintenance services.

Therefore, before purchasing an air conditioning system, find out from the dealer whether you can manage to maintain the appliance or you will be required to hire a technician. Also, find out how often the AC maintenance service should be done.


Buying an air conditioning unit can be a challenging task since there are many options available in the market. However, by considering these factors, you can be sure of finding an air conditioning system that is reliable and affordable.

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