How to Select the Right Location for a New Air Conditioner


Selecting the right spot for your new air conditioner isn’t just about comfort; it’s a decision that affects its efficiency, lifespan, and your wallet. In Singapore’s relentless heat, placing your AC unit wisely can make a significant difference in performance and energy bills.

The perfect location enhances airflow and reduces unnecessary strain on the system, ensuring it serves you well without running up costs.

This guide cuts through the confusion to pinpoint key considerations for ideal air conditioner placement—whether it’s avoiding direct sunlight or finding an area with proper support.

Ready to maximise your AC’s potential? Let’s find out how.

Key Takeaways

  • Pick a shady spot for your air conditioner to help it work less hard, use less energy, and save you money.
  • Place it near deciduous trees that provide shade in summer and let sunlight through in winter, balancing the system’s workload.
  • Use grass or mulch around the unit instead of asphalt or concrete to keep the area cooler and improve efficiency.
  • Keep the air conditioner away from pets to avoid damage caused by urine corrosion. Consider installing it high off the ground or using barriers like fences or shrubbery.
  • Avoid setting up your AC unit near loud outdoor activity areas to ensure peaceful enjoyment of your outside space and prevent system overheating.

Look for a Shaded Location

Choosing a shaded location for your air conditioner’s outdoor unit can reduce the machine’s work and increase its cooling effectiveness. Sunlight heats up the unit, making it work harder to cool down your home.

A spot out of direct sunlight helps the air conditioner use less energy, saving you money on bills and prolonging its life. Make sure there is at least 30 centimeters of space between the wall and the unit for proper airflow.

This setup avoids overheating and ensures your AC runs efficiently.

Check for Deciduous Trees



Placing your air conditioner near deciduous trees is smart. These trees offer shade in summer, keeping your unit cool and working efficiently. Billy Aircon knows this well, with years of setting up units in just the right spots.

Come winter, these trees drop their leaves, letting sunlight reach your system. This seasonal change helps manage energy costs by using nature’s rhythms.

Your AC location matters for performance and savings. Deciduous trees act like a natural thermostat – cooling during heatwaves and inviting warmth when it’s cooler.

Technicians from Billy Aircon have seen firsthand how such placements reduce strain on AC systems while cutting down electricity bills.

They suggest considering this strategy for an eco-friendly approach to air conditioning setup.



Surround With Grass or Mulch

Surrounding your air conditioner with grass or mulch instead of putting it on asphalt or concrete makes a big difference. Grass and mulch don’t hold onto heat like hard surfaces do.

This means the area around your AC stays cooler, helping your unit work better and use less energy. Think about how hot concrete gets under the sun; now imagine your AC sitting on something much cooler.

That’s what grass or mulch can do for you.

This setup also means that your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to fight against extra heat coming off the ground. Less work for your AC means it lasts longer and keeps your bills down.

Plus, this choice is better for the environment. It’s simple: choose grass or mulch for a spot that helps cool more efficiently and saves you money in the long run.

Blocked Off From Your Dog

Pets, especially dogs, love to mark their territory. But if they choose your air conditioning unit as a target, it can lead to trouble. Pet urine causes corrosion and damages the parts of your AC system.

To keep this from happening, find a spot for your air conditioner that your dog can’t get to. You might think about putting up a small fence around the unit or planting shrubbery as a barrier—just make sure these don’t block airflow.

Over our years at Billy Aircon, we’ve seen units damaged by pets more times than we’d like to admit. So, take action early. Installing the AC high enough off the ground—at least 7 feet—makes it hard for pets to reach but still allows easy servicing for our pros.

This way, you protect your investment and avoid unnecessary repair calls down the line.

Outdoor Activities



Keep your AC unit away from areas where you love to play or relax outside. This means don’t put it near places where games, gardening, or barbecues happen. You need space around the AC for air to move freely.

This stops it from getting too hot and breaking down. It also makes sure noises from the unit don’t ruin your fun outdoors.

Make sure there’s enough room around your AC – at least 7 feet above ground is good for fixing it without trouble. Choose a spot not in direct sunlight and strong enough so vibrations won’t bother you.

This way, your outdoor activities stay enjoyable, and your AC works well.

Seek a Professional’s Advice

Talking to an HVAC expert is vital before you decide where to put your air conditioner. They have the skills to give advice that fits just right for your house and its surroundings.

This means they’ll help you pick the best spot, ensuring cool air flows well throughout your home. These pros look at things like how your home is built and where trees are to find the ideal location.

An HVAC technician can also tell you about the latest AC unit placement tricks. They know all about shade air conditioning units and how to keep leaves out of ac units, which saves money on bills.

So, finding a pro “ac install near me” can make a big difference in setting up your cooling system right from the start.

Schedule your appointment

Scheduling your appointment is easy. Make sure you know the size of your space and have a clear idea about where you want to install your air conditioning unit. This helps the technician understand your needs quickly.

Prepare some questions too, like how long the installation will take and what maintenance it will need.

Now’s the time to act. Contact Billy Aircon SG at [email protected] to talk about installing your air conditioner. Their team, with years of experience, offers free advice on AC placement and installation services that suit your home best.

They respond fast, within 24 hours, making them a reliable choice for all aircon needs in Singapore.


1. Where’s the best place to install your air conditioner’s outdoor unit?

Put it in a shady spot on the north or east side of your house. This keeps it cool, so it works better.

2. Can you fit an air conditioner under a deck?

Yes, but make sure there’s enough airflow around it. Otherwise, it won’t work well.

3. Should you shade your AC unit?

Absolutely! Shading your AC can make it run more efficiently by keeping it cooler.

4. Is installing an air conditioner near leaves a problem?

Yes, leaves can block airflow and harm the system. Keep the area clean.

5. How do you choose where to put your indoor AC unit?

Place it away from direct sunlight and heat sources for best performance.

6. Can I lay my air conditioner on its side for storage or moving?

No, this can damage the compressor inside the unit. Always keep it upright.

To pick the right spot for your new air conditioning system, schedule a meeting with an HVAC expert to discuss installation needs—prepare questions about energy efficiency, maintenance tips, or anything else important to you.

Contact Billy Aircon SG at [email protected] to set up this essential chat today!