5 Common Reasons Your Aircon Light Is Blinking And What To Do

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If your air conditioning unit light is continually blinking, you need to find out what is causing the light to blink and what to do about it.

Usually, having an air conditioner light blinking means something is wrong with the unit. It typically indicates some error occurring with operation as the sensor is detecting it. Many of the different brands in the marketplace have an indicator that will blink when the unit requires repair.

Here are some common reasons for the light blinking and what to do about them.

1. Poor Air Circulation

One of the reasons could be caused by your unit having poor air circulation. If your unit isn’t able to circulate the air as well as it should, you’re likely going to experience issues with the performance of your unit as it can’t push out cold air.

There could be a problem with your unit’s internal drive motor or even the unit being improperly positioned. Look to see what error code is being displayed on your AC unit itself and figure out what the user manual says about it.

2. AC is Leaking

One of the things that you might be experiencing is leaking refrigerant. This is a gas that is essential to the proper functioning of any air conditioner unit. If your unit doesn’t have the right amount of refrigerant, it could lead to condensation building up.

This can be the direct result of your condenser freezing which can result in your air conditioner leaking. Having a lack of refrigerant caused by a leak can end up resulting in your compressor unit getting damaged. Therefore, you might want to see if you notice a hissing sound stemming from your unit.

3. Your Filters Are Clogged

dirty ac filter

Unfortunately, when your unit’s filters are clogged, it can cause issues. Your filters need to be unclogged for them to work well. That way, your unit has nothing obstructing from blowing strong and clean air.

If your unit hasn’t been cleaned and maintained properly, it could experience dust buildup. This can end up causing your filters to become susceptible to clogging, and it can result in bad odours. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by swapping out filters now and then and by cleaning the filters themselves.

You want to do this to prevent airflow from being blocked in your evaporator coil. Cleaning your filters every three months is recommended for this. Neglecting your evaporator coils could result in freezing, leading to a leak down the road.

4. Evaporator Coils Can Freeze

indoor unit ice

This is something that you will want to address as soon as you notice it. This is a situation that requires immediate attention because it can lead to a situation where your air conditioner unit begins to leak water.

This situation can occur when you have duct issues. If you are looking to tell whether or not your fan coils are frozen, you’ll want to open up your AC’s front panel. That way, you can tell if there is a layer of ice on top of them.

5. Poor Maintenance

When your AC unit isn’t maintained properly, it will face many issues that can result in a malfunctioning unit. Because of this, you want to be certain that you are spending the time and energy maintaining your unit and keeping it working well. By maintaining your unit regularly, you’ll be able to keep it clean and to work optimally.

You will notice times when your unit has a flashing light that will indicate that your unit requires servicing. If your unit is experiencing blocked air filters, you could try to troubleshoot the issue yourself. You could also contact the AC unit’s manufacturer to ask them for troubleshooting steps that you can take to correct the issue.

Why Do I See The Blinking Light On My Daikin Aircon?

One of the biggest reasons your air conditioner unit might begin to flash is that there is something wrong with it on the outside of the unit itself. It could be something stuck on your unit that keeps your fans from spinning correctly, or it could be something else.

Daikin branded units are relatively smart as they have a function that will self-diagnose to help you identify the underlying cause. While this isn’t accurate 100% of the time, it will give you a good idea of what’s going on with your unit.

Why Does My Mitsubishi Airconditioning Unit Blink?

One of the things that can result in a blinking unit is if the clasp is loose. It will automatically turn on the blinking lights to let you know it’s slightly jarred.

Final Thoughts

You’ll want to call on professionals when you are dealing with AC problems. These problems listed in this article are all reasons to call on a professional. A professional will be able to diagnose the issue and solve it quickly.

If you find yourself dealing with any of these problems, you can call us today. We promise to help you remedy the issue as quickly as possible to get your AC unit functioning optimally for your family’s comfort.

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