Why do Air Conditioners Leak or Drip Water and How to Check it out

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The condenser unit of your air conditioner is usually located outside of your house. The unit comprises of a blower fan, the compressor, and the condenser coil. This outdoor unit is more likely than the indoor unit to accumulate dust, dirt, and grime, and may even get damaged due to any outside particle getting stuck inside the condenser. Any leakage in the condenser coil is also common.

If you notice any leaks in the condenser coil, you should immediately seek professional help for aircon servicing in Singapore. However, some leaks could be hidden or too minor to provide any visual sign. If you suspect any leakage in condenser coil, you can perform a simple test at home to be sure about whether the coil is leaking.

5 Steps to Take to Determine if the Aircon is Leaking

Ideally, you should clean your air conditioner condenser coil every few months and check for any leakage in it as well. If you notice any severe damage in the coil, you should get it replaced by professionals. However, before you contact professional aircon service, you can take the following steps to determine if the coil is leaking.

  1. Unplug the air conditioner
    The first thing to do is to turn off the Aircon and unplug it. You may need to turn off the circuit breaker or fuse controlling the power supply to the Aircon.
  2. Remove the back of the outdoor unit
    You need to use a screwdriver to take the screws off from the back of condenser unit located outside of your home. Now pull off the back vent, so that you can view the inside of the unit.
  3. Clean the inside compartment
    The next step is to clean the inside of the aircon unit with a brush. If you want to clean hard-to-reach parts of the aircon, you should use a blower or a vacuum cleaner. Once you clean the outdoor unit inside out, you should be able to see through the condenser coil connected to blower assembly. In general, you’ll find the blower assembly the edges inside the outdoor unit. You can use a flashlight to check for any leakage in the condenser coils.
  4. Perform the test
    Now you need to roll a dry tissue paper and run it through the condenser coils. After some time, pull the paper out and check it for any traces of liquid. If you notice that the dry paper has soaked in any liquid, you can consider this a clear sign of leakage from your condenser coil.
  5. Attach the aircon parts in their former position
    Reattach the back vent with screws. You will need to use the screwdriver again for the job. Keep the Aircon unplugged till an expert technician comes and checks it.

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It is always a good idea to call expert Aircon technicians for aircon repair in leaking aircon. Make sure you do a proper background check before choosing an air conditioner repair service provider for the job.

Find out this video to learn more about leaking aircon.

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