What Is An Aircon Condenser, and How It Works?

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Cooling AC systems have many main parts, and condenser units are one of them. The unit will be outside the area being cooled, either in the yard or on the roof. Working an AC condenser can be affected by many issues, which can affect its functions.

In this article, we will tell you all the things you need to know to ensure the proper working of your AC condenser and what you will need to do when it has problems.

What is an Aircon condenser?

A condenser in an AC is the part of the air conditioner or heat pump that is placed outdoors, and depending on the time of the year, will collect or release heat.

You have the same basic parts in condensers, whether fitted in heat pumps or air conditioners.  Condenser cabinets will have a compressor, a condenser coil, fan, and several controls. Aluminium is used to make the condenser coils that allow for rapid heat transfer, or they can be made from copper.

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Role of An Aircon Condenser

In an AC system, the condenser will receive gas from a compressor at a high pressure, which results in the gas being converted to a liquid. The reason for this is the heat transfer principle that heat moves from warm substances to cold ones.

Once the refrigerant starts moving through a condenser through the fins that it has, it transfers heat from them to the surrounding air. For cooling the heated air quickly, condensers have fans as part of their makeup. This allows the processes to continue. Once the temperature of the refrigerant drops below its saturation temperature, it turns back into a liquid.

What Happens When AC Condensers Malfunction?

Several problems crop up in a malfunctioning condenser. For example, the AC will not cool the air sufficiently, and this can increase electricity bills. This increase in energy consumption can also occur if the refrigerant leaks or the compressor has any issues. Call on our technicians as soon as you suspect either of these things are happening.

A blocked condenser causes what is known as short-cycling, where the system is in a cycle of rapidly switching on and switching off.  This means that the AC system is not functioning as it should. This result is added wear and tear, more than the system can tolerate, and can lead to a premature breakdown.

When you are expecting cool air, and the air con only gives you lukewarm air, it is a sure sign that your AC condenser is blocked and needs you to find the cause of the airflow restriction, or it may have some other defect that needs to be corrected.

Any interruption in the flow of gas or liquid leads to the system not working at optimum efficiency. When it is no longer possible for your system to release heat, the heat in the AC system will build-up resulting in all its parts getting heated until some of the components start burning and emitting foul smells after you switch on the AC.

This results in the melting of several parts, and they will no longer operate and will need to be replaced, which can be a serious issue indeed.

What Should Be Your Next Course of Action

Detecting leaks in a condenser requires you to follow two primary procedures. The first procedure is one that a mechanic will follow at a dealership, while the other can be followed in a home. Normally AC users will not have tools and equipment that allow professional diagnosis of problems, so what do you have to do to avoid leak detectors.

If the condenser has completely stopped working, it will require skilled technicians to know whether the compressor or motor has a problem and what parts are needed for their repair. If you have any issues with a condenser, it is best to get in a qualified technician experienced in repairs to air conditioners.

Tips To Prevent Breakdowns In Air Con Condensers

You will protect your air con from bad condensers if you have it regularly maintained by specialists in air conditioners. During this maintenance, the system will get cleaned by the technician. There are fins on a condenser that can get bent. The technician will straighten them and also clean the coils. He will then also be able to tell you if other issues need to be attended to.


Read on to learn about the importance of a condenser unit in an air conditioning system and how you can keep yours working properly. You may also be interested in knowing what problems your AC condenser could have, so we’ve included some tips for those too!  If you need help with any part of your cooling system, feel free to contact us.

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