9 Most Popular Air Conditioner Problems & How To Deal With Them

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In Singapore, air conditioners are very important. They make it feel cool when the weather is hot. But these units will not work forever and will become broken over time.

However, many AC problems can be solved by doing simple things like replacing filters or removing debris from the coils. But there are other times when you will need a professional to help out with your AC if you cannot fix the problem on your own. With that said, we will now look at 9 common AC problems and possible solutions.

1. Unit isn’t powering on

If the AC unit isn’t powering on, then this is a serious problem. In many cases, this is due to not enough power going to the unit. This could be due to a tripped circuit breaker or even a blown fuse. So, if this is the problem, all you’ll need to do is replace the blown fuse. Other reasons why this may be happening include loose wiring, an issue with the thermostat, etc.

2. Thermostat issues

Next, the thermostat may not be working properly. So, if this is happening, then your air conditioner will likely refuse to turn on. You should try to adjust the temperature as low as possible and see if this works. However, if it doesn’t, then you should contact an AC technician.

They will help to figure out the issue with the thermostat, fix it or replace it. Unfortunately, many of the old dial regulators usually have issues with calibration. With that said, the more modern programmable thermostats are not easily programmed either. So, be sure to check the manual first before attempting to program it.

3. The unit isn’t effectively cooling the room

Many issues can cause the AC unit to stop cooling or perform poorly when troubleshooting your air condition unit. For example, it could be a part that isn’t performing well, or even the AC may be low on refrigerant. Once the system has low refrigerant levels, it won’t be able to cool a room properly. So, the unit most likely has a refrigerant leak, or it is undercharged.

Once you put on your air conditioner and notice it isn’t cooling as it used to or if the air being expelled doesn’t smell so great, then the low refrigerant may be the problem. If the unit doesn’t have sufficient refrigerant, then the humidity in the room can’t be removed. Also, refrigerant is necessary to cool the air.

If your AC is low on refrigerant, then the unit likely has other issues. So, simply adding more refrigerant or more solutions won’t necessarily fix it. Basically, if you have a vehicle and it always needs oil top ups, there are bigger problems.

This is the same for air conditioners. A unit that is low on refrigerant means that there is a leak somewhere. So, you’ll need to hire a professional AC repair technician in order to find and fix the leak. However, if there are too many leaks, then it may be best to get another unit.

4. Water leaking from the AC

Another very common problem that AC unit owners typically experience is water leaking from the unit. The causes of this vary; however, in many cases, this is due to the drainage line being clogged. The function of the drain is to get rid of water or moisture from the air conditioner.

So, if the drain gets clogged, then this will cause the pan to overflow and then the water will go back into the system, which will damage it. These water leaks may then cause even more problems by damaging your property. As a result, you should always pay attention to your drainage line and always check it when troubleshooting.

5. Issues with the condenser

In air condition units, the condenser is extremely important. It is necessary for getting rid of the heat from inside your home and expelling it outside. So, when you’re having problems with your unit, you need to pay attention to the condenser coils. Do note that the coils are located on the exterior of your air condition unit. So it is more likely to get dirty due to being exposed to the elements.

In many cases, you will find that it is pretty dirty and grimy. Therefore, the dirtier this coil becomes, the more issues it will have transferring heat. This will make the entire unit a lot less efficient. So, to solve this issue, the condenser needs to be cleaned regularly.

6. Noisy fan

The fan needs to blow air on the evaporator coils for the air to get cooled. The condenser will also be necessary for moving the heat to the exterior of the home. So, due to this, each unit will have two fans. The noise you hear will typically come from the motor as well as the fans.

This noise generally is due to the build-up of dirt. It may even be due to worn out belts and bearings. So, if you hear any excessive noise, then be sure to call an HVAC technician asap. You should also turn off the unit so that it doesn’t get damaged even more.

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7. Frequent shutdowns or AC short cycling

This is when the ac turns off when it has been turned on, or it turns off after 15 minutes of running. When there is short cycling, this is likely due to a problem in your ac system. This has to be fixed asap before it causes further damage.

In many cases, this is caused to poor installation or poor wiring. The thermostat may also have to be replaced. It isn’t straightforward to fix this issue if you don’t have specialized knowledge. Therefore, an AC technician should fix the issue for you.

8. Issues with the evaporator

Another aspect of the ac unit that should be checked is the evaporator. After all, the problem with your AC could potentially be the evaporator coil. If you find that the air expelled out your unit is quite warm, you should look at the evaporator coils.

You could potentially have frozen evaporator coils since these coils have refrigerant in them to retain heat. In many cases, the coil develops ice around it. So, when this builds over time, the unit will blow warm air. This can also happen due to low levels of refrigerant, a dirty air filter etc.

9. Ducts that are leaking or dirty

If your air conditioner is cooling irregularly or some areas of the room are getting colder than others, then this means that there isn’t good airflow via the duct. This happens quite regularly and isn’t unusual. This can happen when the duct gets a tear due to poor workmanship or can even be caused by a rodent.

The air duct is necessary to make the air go from the system and into the room to lower the temperature. As a result, if there are any tears, then the cooled air will not enter the room as it will be lost. This makes your air conditioner quite inefficient.

This can cause you to use more power for cooling and will cause increases in your electricity bill. So, to avoid this, always thoroughly check your ducts whenever you’re trying to troubleshoot your air conditioning.


Once you are dealing with any of the 9 problems listed above, then we can definitely assist. Our team has the most experienced AC technicians and specialists that know how to quickly and easily fix the problems described above as well as other problems.

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