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If you’re living in a tropical country, there’s just about a million reasons why you need your home to be airconditioned. Air conditioners tend to keep everyone in the space cool, calm and very productive. Without the use of a functioning air conditioner, it becomes very hard to work.

Have you ever wondered what makes your air conditioner perform to its maximum potential? Read on as we dive into the air compressor. Air compressors are usually considered as being the heart of your air conditioning system. The compressors usually aid with other functions such as sleep mode and they ensure that you get cold clean air at night while you’re sleeping.

Since it’s one of the most important parts of the system, there’s no surprise that it breaks down periodically. In the case where your compressor isn’t working properly, your unit will begin experiencing problems. So, read on as we dive into the most common problems that can occur and how you can detect them.

The Functions Of Air Conditioner Compressors

1 – Air Transfer

The main and most important function of your air conditioner is to transfer heat into your unit. When the air begins to rise above your rooms default temperature, the vents suck the humidity out via the condenser coil. After the air has been absorbed by the unit, the compressor begins to send it to the condenser coil. This is where the magic happens as the balmy air is converted into the breezy and chilly air that you know and love.

2 – Removes Humidity

Besides just transferring the air, another critical function is eliminating the humidity in your room. The moment the compressor begins to malfunction, your room will begin to feel moist and damp.

3 – Liquid Compression

After the air has been absorbed by the unity, the compressor turns it into liquid. At this point, it then travels all the way down to the expansion valve where it then cools the warm liquid. As the air conditioner fluids flow into the compressor, it does so in the form of low-pressure gas. So, if your compressor is experiencing problems, the liquid wouldn’t be able to be fully processed; hence warm air is produced even though the unit is expected to produce cool or cold air.

4 – Removal And Condensation of Hot Refrigerated Gas

The condenser also removes and condenses hot gas within the unit. This enables it to exhibit a higher temperature and pressure.

Common Air Conditioner Compressor Problems And The Associated Signs

‍1 – Air Conditioner Not Cooling

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling there’s a good chance that your compressor needs to be serviced or replaced. This tends to usually occur when the compressor is broken. So if this fits your situation, don’t forget to schedule an AC appointment asap.

2 – Unit Turning On And OFF

If the unit is turning off and on, there’s no reason to panic. This is just another sign of compressor problem. When you fail to rectify the situation, you’ll be forced to pay higher bills and your unit will be sucking up all of the electricity in your home.

However, it should be noted that this problem can also be caused by different sources. If you’ve got broken fuses and wires, your unit can also be going through this same problem. So, before you rush off in a panic, you should ensure that all possible problems are rectified.

‍3 – Motor Not Starting

If your compressor motor isn’t working properly, then it’s about time to think about capacitor problems. In the case where your unit does not have one, it is recommended that you install one. However, if your AC is still experiencing problems, you can call in a technician to give you a system run down of what’s going on.

‍4 – Overheating

When you live in the tropics, you’ll be dealing with tons of heat. Hence, you’ll need to have your unit up and working. One common way to determine if your system is overheating is to observe if it heats up after just a couple of minutes after being on. When this problem occurs, it simply means that the inner parts of the compressor is being clogged.

Additionally, this can also be caused because some of the internal parts are defective and are in dire need of replacement. When you don’t properly maintain your unit, you’ll soon find yourself being inconvenienced by overheating issues. So, if you’re ever in this position, it’s a great idea to call in the experts.

5 – Worn-Out Compressor

If you’re compressor is faulty, you’ll be able to see it in a moment’s notice and checking can be as easy as just looking at it. So if you’re experiencing overheating issues or even cooling issues, you’ll need to ensure that you have your compressor inspected. This often leaves you with a better understanding of what is damaged and what needs to be replaced.

‍If the verdict leaves you needing a new compressor, you can easily find a replacement by looking at the model number or the serial number. If your warranty isn’t up, you can easily call them and have the warranty filled. However, if you’re faced with an expired warranty, you can begin to find alternative options such as purchasing a new one at a shop in your area.

‍6 – Ensuring That Your Air Conditioner’s Performance Exceeds And Its Lifespan Increases

When it comes to the overall performance of your system, there are several deciding factors. Some of these include regular maintenance, dusting and cleaning, and various preventative measures such as figuring out the signs of performance issues early on. So, if you’re intending on having your air conditioner functioning properly, you’ll be faced with considering a lot.

Your air conditioner will be able to give you clean and cool air each day when you take all of this into consideration. Before you know it, you’ll be surprised at just how well and how long your AC will last.


Your air conditioners compressor is responsible for a lot of things within the unit. The moment you see signs, of problems, it’s a great idea to bring in the professionals. When you perform regular AC service maintenance, your unit will be lasting for a long time to come.

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