An Important Guide About Aircon Blower Fan And Maintaining It

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If you want to make sure your air conditioner is in good working order, you need to know that the blower fan is cleaned up. This will let you know that your AC can run at full capacity and won’t have to be repaired for much money later on. The guide here was put together to help you figure out how to work with your blower fan in the proper manner.

Blowers can get clogged up with dirt, pet hair, and other debris from outside of the home. These things can build up and cause bad odours while reducing airflow, which leads to higher energy costs. If you take out and clean filters regularly, the AC will be able to cool more quickly, and it will save you a lot more money because the unit won’t have to work as hard.

How Does an AC Blower Fan Work?

Basically, part of an air conditioner that’s important is the fan or blower. The fan in the AC moves air around in the area where the cooling and conditioning are. This lets cooling happen and leads to fresh air going through a building.

These are a few different fan types that are used in an AC:

  1. Tube-Axial Type Of Fan
  2. A Vane-Axial Fan
  3. Centrifugal Type Of Fan
  4. A Propeller Type Of Fan

A fan is generally located within an AC unit because it keeps things safe. This means people can’t get into contact with the fan, which could damage it. It also makes it harder for fungi and bacteria to start forming, which can block things up.

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How A Blower Wheel Works in an AC

One part of the blower motor that you need to know about is the blower wheel. The blower wheel is made to cycle through fresh air throughout the air duct system.

It also moves around air through coolant tubes at a quick rate which makes cooling happen quicker. The warm air that the AC takes in is then directed to the outside of a building.

Grease and dirt can build up in the blower and make the blower wheel a lot slower. This means that the motor will blow not as much air.

How To Clean Up Your AC Blower Fan

  1. Get access to the washable filters in the unit by flipping the aircon’s cover. Washable filters can be cleaned with soap, a cleaning pad, and clear water.
  2. Access your impeller which to get to; you have to remove the flap and air vanes.
  3. Work with a half-an-inch paintbrush to clean up any debris that has built up on the impeller. Clean off the impeller as best you can so there is no dust left on it.
  4. Get additional debris cleaned up by using a slightly damp rag. Find another dry and clean rag to be used to wipe away the debris on the impeller surface until you have it very clean.
  5. Using the aircon can help to remove any of the debris that’s left behind. You can also use a vacuum cleaner or a sweeper of some kind to get debris out of the way.

When Does A Blower Need To Be Cleaned?

You’re going to want to clean the ductwork and the blower wheel at least one time a year. The air that exists in your home is going to impact your health. It would help if you sanitized the grills, blower motor, duct system, and ductwork after the cleaning.

Does it cost a lot to get a blower wheel cleaned up?

Generally, it’ll cost around $80 when you want to sanitize and chemically clean off your blower fan. This price also includes you getting the blower fan wiped clean, and the propeller dusted. It may also require a deeper cleaning if the blower fan is in a particular spot.

When you want to clean a blower fan and dismantle your unit, an aircon chemical solution should be on hand. You can use it to sanitize and clean each surface. Use a washing detergent that leaves a good smell behind, as well.


The information here taught you a little about AC blower fans and working on them. If this is something you have questions about, get in touch with us. We’re here to help at all times!

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