Aircon Brackets Comprehensive Guide

Many people have air-con units at their premises but can’t use them since they cannot mount the system on their own. This article will provide you with the necessary information concerning brackets, how to use them, and their importance/relevance.

Also, their advantages and disadvantages, the different types of aircon brackets, and any other helpful information that homeowners need to know about aircon brackets will be highlighted.

What is an Aircon Bracket?

An aircon wall bracket is a plastic or metal bracket used to mount an aircon to an exterior wall or surface using a wall plate and concrete bolts. Attaching the aircon unit to the horizontal arm of the bracket leaves the aircon system sitting above the ground level.

Powder coatings are the feature that indicates an aircon wall bracket unit is of good quality. The powdered coatings are helpful in that they help resist rust and extend the durability of the aircon brackets.

Homeowners are advised to mount aircon wall brackets at the height of 2m above the ground. The frames should be at a height safe enough not to bump your head onto and also not that high, making it a challenge during servicing or cleaning.

Types of Aircon Brackets

  1. Normal L Bracket: It is the most common type of aircon bracket in Singapore.
  2. Normal L Bracket with A Metal Plate: It is mainly used on more rigid walls and a sturdier installation system.
  3. Opening Bracket: Only used in HDB installations.
  4. Fishtank Bracket: Occupants who live on the first floor use fishtank air brackets that ensure the condenser unit is as high as possible, preventing flooded water from entering the system unit.
  5. Long L Bracket: Residences with a small outdoor area are advised to use the Long L Brackets. The brackets position the condenser in a sideways manner, improving the quality of air circulation.

Does My AC System Unit Require A Bracket?

Below are why you should use a bracket for your air conditioning system instead of leaving it on the floor:

  1. Prevents relocating your AC regularly while installing a decking system around your home. By installing brackets, you can install your decking without having to interfere with your aircon system.
  2. Some areas might be uneven and require levelling activities. Brackets eliminate the unnecessary levelling costs that may be required in such areas.
  3. The use of brackets ensures that the area around your AC is free from obstacles i.e. close to your driveway, close to narrow walkaways, or along the sides of your home.

Advantages of Using an Aircon Wall Bracket on an External AC Unit

  1. Easy Cleaning – Wall brackets ensure that your air-con unit will be clean and accessible at all times. You can easily clean the air-con without moving it or untangling yourself from various wires by just pulling the air-con out.
  2. Brackets prevent rainwater from flowing into the system unit during rainstorms, thus extending the life span of your air-con.
  3. The brackets keep your air-con system secured in position to prevent damage and accidents from occurring with children, pets or earthquakes (if you live in earthquake-prone countries).
  4. Brackets let you comfortably clean your air-con without taking it down (unless there is a need to do so), thus saving on cost and additional labour costs that may come with disassembling equipment you can’t see clearly.
  5. Wall brackets enable the free flow of exhaust gases out from the unit; preventing high levels of moisture from building up within the system, which can be harmful to people living around the vicinity. This prevents safety concerns such as mould growth inside and outside your home as well as bad odours.
  6. Brackets make your life easier by safely and securely supporting the unit, making it easy to attach and remove in case of repairs or cleaning.

Disadvantages of Using Aircon Wall Brackets

  1. The brackets are not a permanent solution to mounting an air-con system on your home; they only offer temporary support until you decide to re-mount the unit permanently, which may be costly compared to wall brackets’ cost.  You can simply choose another bracket that suits your needs if you have already bought one before knowing this disadvantage better than after buying and attaching it to your AC Unit!
  2. Some houses/condos aren’t structurally designed for wall mounting an outdoor unit; however, in this case, not using brackets will put you and your family at risk.


We hope that the information provided will help you as you plan to install an aircon system into your home. There are aircon brackets suitable for all situations and needs around your homestead. Give us a call or leave a message if you have any questions about a type of aircon bracket you may want or that you already have, and our team will get back to you ASAP.

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