Aircon Chemical Cleaning Vs Aircon Overhaul

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Aircon Chemical Cleaning VS Overhaul

Aircon Chemical Cleaning VS Overhaul

Confuse about aircon chemical cleaning or aircon overhaul?

We put in important facts, comparison and their pros and cons for both types of cleaning.

Quick Facts

You spent your hard-earned money on buying an air conditioner; hence you want it to run at its best for years. Fair enough!

But don’t take that cool air for granted! Know that your air conditioner, like any other machine or tool needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

And there are a number of ways to do aircon servicing or maintenance! Two of those methods – aircon chemical cleaning and aircon overhaul – create a lot of confusion among common people.

Let’s take a close look at each method and understand the difference between them.

Aircon Chemical Wash

First, understand that chemical cleaning is different from the general cleaning service offered by professionals.

When you seek professional assistance for regular cleaning, they will mostly clean the outer parts of the machine.

But chemical cleaning is different.

They will dismantle the main parts, such as, fan coils, water trays, and air filters and wash those with a chemical-based solution.

This helps to wash away the dust and dirt accumulated on the internal parts, thereby increasing the cooling efficiency of your system.

Ideally, you should get a chemical wash of your air conditioner done twice a year. That way, you can extend the lifespan of your system and improve the indoor air quality.

Chemical cleaning helps reduce corrosion, and control or eliminate molds. This method of cleaning is usually used as a preventive measure and helps an air conditioner function normally for years.

Aircon Overhaul

Unlike chemical cleaning, aircon overhaul is used as a method of aircon servicing or repairs. If you notice your air conditioner not cooling enough or making a loud noise or leaking water or has stopped working completely, you may need to go for an overhaul.

In this process, each part of the system is dismantled and then cleaned, repaired or replaced. HVAC professionals can tell you whether your machine needs a complete overhaul or just chemical cleaning would suffice.

If you are facing any issues with the performance of your air conditioner, you should contact an experienced technical immediately. Delay in doing the necessary servicing can further aggravate the problem.

In general, overhaul helps deal with the following issues.

  • Blockage of the vents due to accumulation of dust particles or toxic gunk
  • Blockage of drain pipes causing water to overflow
  • Severe damage to the evaporator coils
  • Fan bearings not working properly
  • Faulty or damaged air filters

After dismantling the parts, each of those is checked thoroughly. Depending on the condition of the parts, some of them may need to be repaired, while others may require complete replacement.

Once you get an aircon overhaul done, you can expect your system to run like new all over again.

Aircon Overhaul Price

Type of Cleaning Best Rate
1 Unit Dismantle/Overhaul $130 to $180

All Services Come With

Best Quality & 90 Day Workmanship Warranty

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I owe this guys a review. They know what they are doing. One of my blowers were not cold (due to too much gas) and they diagnose it nicely. Finally, I did 5 x chemical washes (3 x blowers and 2 x compressors) which I had not done for over 3 years. Now they are humming like new. I will definitely call them back in June/July for yearly more
Mun Wai Chiang
Mun Wai Chiang
06:51 18 May 18
Excellent response time! I sent my enquiry at 9am in the morning and they were able to schedule a midday servicing for me. The technician was very professional and accurately identified and rectified the problems with my air conditioning.Highly recommended! 👍read more
Raymond Lee
Raymond Lee
07:00 30 May 18
Thanks! I thought the unusually high heat coming out of my AC was going to burn my house eventually. It was actually a big clogging problem. They penciled me in for a full Aircon chemical cleaning. Ah hao sent proceeded with his work and I was even more impressed with how they did it with all the safety procedures and more
Pasquale Crona
Pasquale Crona
10:48 18 Apr 18
The customer service of Billy Aircon is outstanding. Their staff was really friendly and gave me the right information to book their more
Lee Kins
Lee Kins
14:57 25 May 18
Had a hard time booking an appointment for aircon service the whole week because I wasn't' able to get off work. Heard about this new online service from a friend. I tried Billy Aircon and I got a quick response. I was scheduled for the weekend because that was what I preferred because I was at home. Sure enough, they were there ready to do their work. Happy I found a convenient option. For a busy guy, like me, that's gold!read more
Earl Pollard
Earl Pollard
16:09 26 Jun 18
Choosing Billy Aircon in Singapore was the best decision I ever made! Friendly staff and even better aircon service and repair. No regrets!read more
Brendon Gleichner
Brendon Gleichner
21:20 10 Jul 18
Very helpful. Able to attend our immediate request on Sunday afternoon. Daniel helped us to diagnose the cause of error is due to thermostats and able to give us advices. Excellent more
Weng Koon Wong
Weng Koon Wong
09:37 12 Aug 18
I thought that it would be hard to find an aircon service. Singapore had a lot of scammers they said. Well... I found the perfect company that addressed the repair needs of my air-conditioner. I was not disappointed with their more
Jaron Hagenes
Jaron Hagenes
09:21 17 Aug 18
I needed aircon installation for our new air-conditioner at home. But, I am new here and don’t have any contact. After googling some time, I hired Billy aircon. I was very impressed on how efficient they were, and you could clearly see they knew what they were doing. My new air-conditioning system is running smoothly, and I didn't even have to break a sweat. Thanks!read more
Julius Schiller
Julius Schiller
21:26 25 Aug 18
I rely on this company all the time for my aircon cleaning service. They even have professional aircon installation which is great for households with new air-conditioners. If your AC is experiencing problems, give them a call. You will not be more
Rolando Stroman
Rolando Stroman
14:46 09 Sep 18
Mok from Billy Aircon did a very good job, he explained the details and chemical overhauled my blowers to brand new condition, he even make sure the gas is at the optimum pressure as well as the wind blown out is at the coolest condition.My Panasonic blowers are now running like new. , well done Billyaircon. Please keep up the good more
Wish Vv
Wish Vv
04:31 06 Oct 18
One of the Billy Aircon's Repairman have some sort of trouble with me. The company then offer me free charge for better service tomorrow. At least the company is honest and try to repair one of their mistakes to satisfy me as a more
Phil Pilgrim Scotish
Phil Pilgrim Scotish
10:25 16 May 18


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It is always a good idea to clean and maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis, so that you can help extend its life and avoid costly aircon repairs.

If possible, get your air conditioner cleaned with a chemical solution after every six months. Also, make sure you hire a good aircon servicing Singapore provider for the job rather than trying to do it on your own.

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In aircon chemical overhaul process, each part of the system is dismantled and then cleaned, repaired or replaced. Once the process is done, you can expect your aircon system to run like new all over again.

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