Common Aircon Usage Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Common Aircon Usage Mistakes and How to Correct Them

In Singapore’s humid climate, using an aircon smartly makes a huge difference. Yet, some habits can crank up your bills or harm your unit. Your mistakes? They range from choosing the wrong size for your home to overlooking regular maintenance.

Each misstep leads to inefficiency and unnecessary spending.

Now, imagine keeping your home cool without breaking the bank. The secret lies in identifying these slip-ups and knowing how to fix them. From adjusting your aircon temperature to maintaining its parts, small changes bring big savings and comfort.

Let’s tackle common blunders – like setting the wrong fan speed or forgetting about empty rooms – and show you how to correct them. Read on for savvy tips that promise cooler days ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • Choosing the wrong size aircon for your space leads to inefficient cooling and high bills. Measure your room and match it with an aircon’s BTU capacity.
  • Setting your aircon at 25°C balances comfort and efficiency. Adjust fan speed according to the day’s temperature for even cooling without overuse.
  • Using auto mode isn’t always effective. Manually adjust settings based on outside weather and room usage for better control over temperature.
  • Closing vents in unoccupied rooms saves energy. Consider zoned AC systems for large homes to cool only needed areas.
  • Regular maintenance like cleaning filters, checking the outdoor unit, and professional check-ups keep your aircon running smoothly and efficiently.

Buying Incorrect Aircon Size



Choosing a too big or small aircon for your room leads to wasted energy and discomfort. A large unit cools the room fast but doesn’t remove humidity well, making it feel clammy. A small one runs constantly, struggling to cool the space, which hikes up your electricity bill.

To find the right size, measure your room’s area in square meters. Then, match it with an aircon’s cooling capacity in British Thermal Units (BTUs). For example, a room measuring 20 square meters needs an air conditioner with at least 5,000 BTUs for efficient cooling without overworking or underperforming.

Make sure to consider factors like sunlight exposure and the average number of people using the space; these increase cooling requirements. Adding 600 BTUs for each additional person beyond two helps maintain comfort during hot Singapore days.

If you’re unsure about calculations, contact Billy Aircon for expert advice on choosing the perfect unit size that fits both your space and efficiency needs without any waste.



Incorrect Temperature Setting

Setting your aircon temperature too low increases energy use and bills. Adjusting it too high makes rooms uncomfortable. The perfect balance is around 25°C for comfort and efficiency in Singapore’s climate.

Incorrect Fan Speed

Your aircon fan speed matters more than you think. Set it too high, and your room might not cool evenly. Too low, and you’ll feel the heat in Singapore’s climate. The trick is to adjust the fan speed according to how hot or cold the day is.

On a scorching day, a higher fan speed helps circulate cool air faster in your home appliances like laptops in your study or kitchen appliances in cooking areas.

For cooler days, a lower setting on your Mitsubishi air conditioner fan mode keeps comfort without overworking the system. It saves energy and reduces wear on your unit. Pay attention to room temperature in Singapore, adjusting speeds as needed for efficiency and comfort.

Billy Aircon experts can guide you on managing these settings for optimal cooling performance throughout various spaces – from bedrooms to living rooms equipped with tablets or gaming PCs, ensuring every corner of your home stays comfortable year-round.

Using Auto Mode

Auto mode on your aircon might seem like a handy feature. It decides the temperature and fan speed for you. But, it doesn’t always know best. Sometimes, what it picks isn’t right for the room or how you feel that day.

You might find yourself too hot or too cold because of this.

At Billy Aircon, years of fixing units have shown us something important. People are happier when they choose settings that match the weather outside and how their rooms are used. For example, on a really hot day in Singapore, auto mode might not cool your home fast enough.

Or at night, it could make things too chilly. That’s why manually adjusting your aircon can be better. You get to control how warm or cool you want your place to be – ensuring comfort all year round in Singapore’s climate.

Unoccupied Rooms and Empty Spaces



In cooling rooms no one wastes energy. Close vents and doors in these spaces. This stops cool air from going into places where it’s not needed. For big homes, think about zoned AC systems.

They let you control which areas get cooled and when. This way, you only use air conditioning where and when necessary. It saves power and money.

Not Using Electric Fans



You might not use electric fans with your aircon. This is a mistake. Fans help move cold air around your room faster. This means your aircon doesn’t have to work as hard. You can even turn up the thermostat a bit and still feel cool.

Think about using floor or ceiling fans in rooms where people spend a lot of time.

In places like Singapore, where it’s very hot, this trick saves energy and money. For example, while using the desktop in your home office or relaxing in the armchair, turning on a fan can make you more comfortable without lowering the aircon temperature too much.

It’s smart to match electric fans with your cooling system for better comfort and lower bills.

Neglecting to Maintain your AC Unit

Keeping your air conditioner in top shape is crucial. Regular maintenance ensures it runs efficiently and lasts longer.

  1. Check filters monthly. Clean or replace them if they are dirty to keep airflow smooth and maintain air quality.
  2. Inspect the outdoor unit regularly. Make sure there’s no debris blocking the vents.
  3. Schedule professional servicing at least once a year. Experts from Billy Aircon will check refrigerant levels, test for leaks, and inspect electrical connections.
  4. Listen for unusual noises when your air conditioner runs. Grinding or whistling sounds could mean a problem.
  5. Watch for unexpected increases in your electricity bill. This could signal your AC is working harder than it should.
  6. Keep an eye on cooling performance. If your room isn’t getting as cold as it used to, call for service.
  7. Ensure the area around your AC unit is clear. Furniture or curtains too close can block airflow.
  8. Look out for any moisture or leakage around your unit, which requires immediate attention.

Billy Aircon’s team has seen many units last well beyond their expected lifespan with proper care; yours can too. If you notice any of these signs or haven’t had a check-up in a while, reach out to us at [email protected] for expert assistance and peace of mind knowing your air conditioner is in good hands


Aircon mistakes are common. They can cost you comfort and money.

1. Setting the aircon temperature too low in Singapore’s climate strains your system, leading to higher bills and quicker wear-out. Aim for a comfortable 25°C.

2. Ignoring your aircon thermostat can lead to inefficient cooling or heating, depending on the room temperature in Singapore. Check it regularly to ensure it matches your desired comfort level.

3. Forgetting to dehumidify can make your space feel warmer than it is, prompting unnecessary aircon use. Use a dehumidifier during high-humidity days.

4. Not cleaning filters causes poor air quality and reduces efficiency. Clean or replace them every three months.

5., Skipping regular maintenance leads to breakdowns. Schedule professional servicing twice a year with Billy Aircon at [email protected] for optimal performance.

Contact Billy Aircon at [email protected] today for top-notch service that keeps your unit running smoothly!