The Useful Beginner Guide On Aircon Installation

The Useful Beginner Guide On Aircon Installation

You’re thinking about installing air conditioning in your Singapore home. It’s a smart move for comfort and energy efficiency. Aircon installation might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

This guide breaks down everything you need: from understanding basics, choosing the right units—like split system or central air conditioning—to cost factors and hiring proficient contractors like Billy Aircon.

Singapore’s humid climate makes air conditioners not just an addition but a necessity. With different types available such as system 4 aircons, mini-split air conditioners, and HVAC systems, selecting the perfect fit requires attention to specifics like copper pipes for cooling fluid transport, armaflex insulations for reduced energy consumption, and correct positioning to prevent leaks.

Costs vary based on unit type and installation complexity. Details matter here—from the length of copper pipes needed to whether your setup demands extra bracket support or specialised insulation like armaflex.

Experts at Billy Aircon offer transparent pricing and help avoid common pitfalls like incorrect sizing or poor location choices that could hike up electricity bills.

After installation comes maintenance; something as routine as cleaning filters can significantly impact efficiency. Regular checks ensure your unit runs smoothly, avoiding surprise breakdowns.

Ready to make your space cooler? Keep reading—we’ve detailed every step for a seamless experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Installing an air conditioner in Singapore is vital due to the humid climate, and you can choose from types like split systems or central air conditioning. It’s important to pick the right unit for your space and consider energy efficiency.
  • The cost of installing an aircon varies depending on the type of unit, installation complexity, and additional features like trunking or electrical upgrades. Billy Aircon provides a clear price quote that includes all necessary steps and optional services.
  • Maintenance is key after installing your air conditioner. Regular checks, cleaning filters, and ensuring proper refrigerant levels can keep your unit running efficiently and save money on electricity bills.
  • When choosing a contractor for aircon installation, look for experience, good reviews, and professionals who can offer fast service in case of emergencies. Billy Aircon has skilled technicians to handle all types of installations.
  • After Installation maintenance tips include regular servicing twice a year, checking insulation around cooling pipes yearly, cleaning outdoor condenser coils monthly, and keeping drainage pipes clear to prevent leaks.

Understanding Aircon Installation Basics

Aircon installation starts with choosing the right air conditioning unit for your space. Think about the size of your room to decide on the BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating needed.

This measures how much heat the air conditioner can remove from a room in an hour. A higher BTU means more cooling power for larger spaces. Also, consider energy efficiency ratings—units with better ratings use less electricity and save money in Singapore.

Next, understand that air conditioners come in different types, like split systems or outdoor units. Split system air conditioners have two parts: one inside that cools the room and one outside that releases heat.

For homes without existing ducts, these are a smart choice since they require minimal drilling and wiring compared to traditional central air systems. Always check if you need professional help for installation, especially concerning electrical needs and permits, which may be required for old HDB flats before setting up new 15-amp power points or 20-amp isolators necessary for some aircon units.

The Process of Aircon Installation

Installing your air conditioning unit properly is key. Billy Aircon makes sure the job gets done right, ensuring your comfort and the system’s performance. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Site inspection happens first. A professional checks your home to find the best spot for the air conditioning units.
  2. Next, you get a quotation. It details costs for materials like PVC draining pipes and copper pipes.
  3. On installation day, technicians arrive with all tools needed, such as wire cables and compressors.
  4. They start by setting up brackets on the wall. This is where your air conditioning system will hang.
  5. Then, they install PVC pipes to ensure proper drainage from your unit.
  6. Upgrading these pipes from 13mm to 16mm happens often for better water flow.
  7. Copper pipes are put in place next. These are crucial for connecting the inner parts of your system.
  8. Insulation follows using Armaflex covers around copper pipes to keep energy use down.
  9. Connecting wire cables comes after that; it’s vital for linking different parts of the system.
  10. The indoor unit gets mounted securely to avoid any accidents or damage.
  11. Finally, they check everything works well: power supply, water flow, and air cooling.

Each step needs attention to detail and skilled hands, something Billy Aircon’s team brings to every job with years of experience in Singapore homes and offices.

Aircon Trunking and Box Up Solutions

Aircon trunking shields and hides your air conditioning system’s pipes. It keeps wires and refrigerant lines safe inside HDB flats or private homes. This setup stops water leaks and guards against electrical problems.

You’ll see a neater look with all parts tucked away.

Box up methods add to this by covering everything in a tidy box, matching your room’s style. They use materials that fit well with your home’s decor, offering both protection and a clean appearance.

This way, the air conditioning doesn’t just work well—it looks good too.

Cost Factors in Aircon Installation

You need to think about several things that affect how much aircon installation costs. First off, the price of the air conditioning unit itself matters a lot. Different types have different prices.

Also, what you pay for someone to put it in can change depending on who you choose and how complex the job is. For example, if your house needs new electrical wiring or special ducts for the aircon, this will add more to your bill.

Billy Aircon has seen all kinds of homes and offices in Singapore needing cool air. From experience, we know adding things like trunking – those covers that hide pipes on walls – and upgrading electrical bits can also change costs.

Plus, if you’re aiming for less noise and more energy-saving features, be ready to spend a bit more upfront. But remember, these upgrades often mean lower bills down the road.

Sample Quotation for Aircon Installation

Seeing the need for a clear guide, below is a sample quotation for aircon installation by Billy Aircon, a reputable air conditioning service in Singapore. This outline gives you an idea of typical costs and what to expect in a detailed quote for installing an air conditioning system in your home.


Item Description Cost (SGD)
1 Site Survey $50
2 Single Split Aircon Unit $800
3 Installation Charges $250
4 Aircon Trunking $100
5 Box Up Solutions $150
6 Chemical Overhaul (Optional) $120
7 Gas Top-up (Optional) $80
8 Additional Unit Installation $650 per unit
9 After-Sales Service Package (1 year) $200
10 Emergency Call-out Fee $90

Expect a site survey first. This assesses your home’s needs. Single split aircon units start at $800. Installation, a critical step, costs $250. Aircon trunking and box up solutions are essential for a neat setup, costing $100 and $150, respectively. Optional services include chemical overhaul and gas top-up, priced at $120 and $80. Adding more units? Each costs $650. Consider an after-sales service package for peace of mind, at $200. Lastly, emergency services are available at $90 per call-out. Billy Aircon ensures transparency and quality at every step, making this investment in your comfort clear and worthwhile.

Choosing the Right Aircon Contractor

Picking the right aircon contractor means looking for skilled pros. You need a team with high skills and good gear. Billy Aircon has 26 experts ready to help, each with over three years of fixing and setting up aircons in places like your home or office.

Check they have the right papers that show they know their stuff about air conditioning systems.

Ask clear questions about how they do their work. See if their answers fit what you expect for your space, whether it’s a condo or house. Look at reviews online to see what others say about their service and how they handle things like handymen fees or if extra help is needed for tricky spots.

With Billy Aircon, you get swift replies and round-the-clock emergency care, ensuring no surprise waits when you need help fast.

Maintenance Tips Post-Installation

Taking good care of your air conditioning unit ensures it lasts long and works well. Here are simple maintenance tips to follow.

  1. Schedule regular servicing. This keeps your unit running smoothly. Aim for at least twice a year.
  2. Clean or replace the filter every three months. A clean filter stops dirt from entering the air-conditioning unit.
  3. Check refrigerant levels often. Low levels mean your unit won’t cool properly and will raise power bills.
  4. Inspect insulation around cooling pipes yearly. Replace if damaged, as proper insulation is crucial.
  5. Use a soft brush to dust off the outdoor condenser coil once a month.
  6. Ensure there’s no blockage in the drainage pipe to prevent water leakage inside your house.
  7. Listen for unusual sounds coming from the unit or smell odd odours? Contact professional assistance immediately.
  8. Keep the area around outdoor units clear of plants and debris for free airflow.
  9. After storms or heavy rain in Singapore, check and clear any blockages in outdoor parts.
  10. Wash the external body of the unit with a damp cloth to keep it looking new.

For more advice or help, contact Billy Aircon at [email protected]


Aircon installation in Singapore requires understanding specific steps and maintenance tips. Ensuring your unit runs efficiently involves regular upkeep and knowing when to call the experts.

1. Choose the right spot for your aircon, away from direct sunlight and heat sources, to ensure it works efficiently.

2. Ensure your wall socket is capable of handling the aircon’s power needs; this prevents electrical issues.

3. Regular servicing by professionals like Billy Aircon keeps your unit in top condition—aim for at least once every six months.

4. Clean or replace your air filters monthly to prevent dust build-up that can affect health and efficiency.

5. Check the ventilation system regularly for any blockages; clean vents lead to better airflow.

6. Keep an eye on the wash basin and drainage system; a clogged drain can cause water leakage problems.

7. Listen for unusual noises which could indicate a need for repair or part replacement—don’t ignore them!

8. After installation, read through the guide thoroughly—it’s packed with useful tips tailored specifically for homeowners in Singapore.

For expert advice, regular servicing, or if troubleshooting common issues gets overwhelming, contact Billy Aircon at [email protected]—they’re ready to help make sure your home stays cool and comfortable all year round!