How to Plan For Your Landed Property Aircon Installation

How to Plan For Your Landed Property Aircon Installation?

Planning your landed property aircon installation is more than just picking a unit. It’s about making sure you cool your home efficiently, follow Singapore’s laws, and get value for money.

First, assess how many rooms need cooling to choose the right system. Remember, inverter units save more energy and money over time. Your choice affects cost and comfort.

Singapore has strict rules for installing aircons in landed properties. You must adhere to these to avoid fines. Always hire professionals like Billy Aircon—experts with years of experience in Singapore’s unique climate and homes.

Preparing your property means checking spaces for the outdoor units and ensuring your electrical system can handle the load. After installation, regular maintenance keeps the aircon working well without hiking up bills.

In short: Plan carefully… Get cooler faster.

Key Takeaways

  • Measure your rooms to find out how many BTUs you need for cooling. More people and bigger windows mean you may need a stronger aircon.
  • Choose the type of aircon that fits your home best. Split systems, multi – split, or ducted units are options worth considering.
  • Follow Singapore’s laws by getting the right permits for your aircon installation to avoid fines.
  • Hire experienced professionals like Billy Aircon to ensure a proper and efficient installation process.
  • Keep your new aircon system in good shape with regular cleaning and check – ups. This saves money and keeps it working well.

Assessing Your Landed Property’s Aircon Needs

To find out your aircon needs, start with the size of your rooms. Measure them and calculate the BTUs needed. For every square metre, you need 35 BTUs to cool it properly. This ensures your air conditioning unit works well without wasting energy.

Also, think about how many people live in your home and how often they are there during the day. More people means more body heat, calling for a stronger air conditioning system.

Next, consider room features like windows and ceilings. Big windows let in more sunlight, heating up the space faster. You might need an air conditioner with more power for these rooms.

If you have high or false ceilings, this changes things too. Air circulates differently in such spaces – possibly requiring units designed for larger volumes of air movement to keep everything cool and comfortable.

Choosing the Right Aircon System for Landed Properties

You need to know the best air conditioning system for your landed home. Think about split systems, multi-split systems, and ducted units. Each has its benefits for different types of homes.

Split systems are great if you want cooling in one or two rooms. Multi-split systems let you control temperatures in various rooms independently using just one outdoor unit. If you have a larger property, ducted units might be perfect as they hide all components out of sight and cool multiple areas evenly.

Billy Aircon has worked on countless landed properties since 2003, giving us a solid grasp on what works best where. For instance, older houses with limited space for outdoor units benefit from compact split systems.

Modern homes with more complex layouts often choose multi-split or ducted models for seamless integration and energy efficiency. We’ve seen how choosing the right type can lower costs and up comfort levels significantly—like selecting an inverter model can save more energy than non-inverter ones over time.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Check your local council’s rules before installing an aircon in your landed property. You must get the right permits. This ensures everything is lawful. Without these, you might face fines or need to remove the unit.

Singapore has strict noise and energy use standards for aircons. Your system should meet these to avoid trouble. It means choosing units with a good energy efficiency ratio and following noise control laws.

Billy Aircon knows all about these requirements and can help pick the right system for your home.

Engaging Professional Aircon Installation Services

You need a team that knows landed properties inside out. Billy Aircon has 25 years of experience installing air conditioners in homes like yours. They are licensed and know exactly how to work with your type of house.

Look at their past projects and customer reviews to see their quality.

Billy Aircon offers services round the clock, ready for any issue. This means they’re always there when you need them, day or night. Their experts have over three years of experience each, ensuring skilled installations every time.

Choose Billy Aircon for peace of mind knowing your air conditioning needs are in expert hands.

Preparing Your Property for Installation

Getting your landed property ready for aircon installation is key. You’ll want everything to go smoothly. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Clear the area where air conditioning units will be placed. Make sure nothing blocks access.
  2. Check your home’s electric system. It might need an upgrade to handle the new load.
  3. Decide on locations for both indoor and outdoor units. Think about airflow and ease of access.
  4. For homes being built or renovated, consider pre – cast options for hiding aircon pipes.
  5. Secure all necessary permits before starting work. Laws vary by area, so check local requirements.
  6. Schedule a visit with Billy Aircon to assess your space and give advice on the best system.
  7. Plan for future maintenance by ensuring easy access to all installed units.
  8. If opting for multiple internal units, consider how they’ll connect to external ones.

Each point ensures your installation process is smooth and trouble-free, leaving you with efficient cooling in no time.

Maintenance and Care for Your New Aircon System

Keeping your new aircon running smoothly requires regular upkeep. Billy Aircon’s team, with over two decades of experience, shows how simple practices can extend your system’s life and boost its performance. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Clean filters monthly – Dust and dirt block airflow, making your unit work harder. A clean filter ensures efficient operation and cleaner air.
  2. Check for leaks annually – Small problems can turn big quickly. Spotting refrigerant leaks early saves on repair costs and protects performance.
  3. Schedule servicing every six months – Professional check-ups spot issues you might miss. This keeps your system efficient, reducing electricity bills.
  4. Clear outdoor units quarterly – Leaves and debris restrict airflow. Keeping the area around outdoor units clear prevents overheating.
  5. Monitor energy use – Notice a spike in your bill? It might be your aircon working overtime due to an issue.
  6. Upgrade when needed – Technology improves constantly. New models are more energy-efficient, saving costs in the long run.

Billy Aircon helps with all these tasks, offering skilled care around the clock. Their extended warranty gives peace of mind, ensuring comfort year-round without unexpected bills or breakdowns.

Conclusion: Ensuring a Successful Aircon Installation in Your Landed Property

Planning your landed property’s aircon installation needs a clear path. First, assess the cooling demands of your space. Choose an energy-saving inverter system that fits these needs well.

Check Singapore’s legal steps to ensure everything is above board. Hire professionals like Billy Aircon for skilled setup and advice. Prepare your home early for the task ahead.

Count on savings in money and enjoy cooler rooms with the right BTU unit. Regular care keeps this system running smooth, lifting your home’s comfort and value.

With each step clear, you save time and avoid mistakes. This plan leads to successful aircon setups in Singapore homes, bringing years of cool, comfortable living.


1. How do you calculate the right BTU for your aircon?

First, measure your room size. Then, multiply by 65 to get the BTU needed. It ensures your aircon cools efficiently.

2. What’s crucial in design and build for aircon installation in landed properties?

Plan duct routes and outdoor unit placement early. This avoids future issues with structure or aesthetics.

3. Can Billy Aircon handle installations in Singapore’s diverse landed properties?

Yes, their team knows local buildings well. They ensure installations meet specific needs, from traditional to modern homes.

4. Why prioritise a professional install like Billy Aircon’s service?

Professionals save time and money long-term. Proper installation means fewer repairs, lower bills, and better cooling performance.