Aircon Isolator Switches Guide – Why Is It Necessary To Have One?

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One of the essential components of an air conditioning system is the aircon isolator switches. They work to prevent the air conditioner from draining power when the AC system is not being used. Aso, they help to avoid expensive repairs. In this article, we will discuss aircon isolator basics to help you determine on your own whether you need one or not.

What are aircon isolator switches?

They are systems or devices that isolate a specific circuit for maintenance and help prevent any currents from passing through. The isolator, or main isolator switch, is typically comprised of one or two sets of electrical contacts mounted in a series. The isolator’s line side gets connected to the power supply located on the outside of the building.

Isolation devices prevent potential currents from flowing inside circuits that are not being maintained. It does this by cutting all electricity off that goes to them.

Aircon isolators have been designed to prevent the repeated tripping of home safety switches when faulty air conditioning systems. The isolator disconnects the power supply as soon as it detects any malfunction or unusual electrical fault. That can save the homeowner money on expenses involved in repairing the AC unit and help to prevent other parts of the house from getting damaged.

That means there is no chance for faults to occur, such as ground fault interruptions that can pose safety risks, including injuries caused by electrocution and death from electric shock when using an appliance during a thunderstorm near a water source.

How do isolator switches work?

These switches are diode systems. They allow power to only flow in one direction. There is an additional solenoid function on the separator to provide other options.

How can you tell if your AC system needs aircon isolator switches?

There are a few signs that will indicate whether you need one or not. First, if the air conditioning unit is not working properly and turns on, another part of the electrical system fails. There’s a possibility that you have an isolation issue. Check to see if the main breaker switch in your house is faulty or blown out. Once this has been done, add an isolator to prevent other parts from failing.

Another sign is when different circuits in your home do not work simultaneously while they should be on at the same time. Suppose your outdoor compressor plays an important role in making sure that some circuits will always operate during hot weather conditions. In that case, it is highly recommended that you add an isolator to your system.

It is recommended that an air conditioner have an isolator switch installed when the aircon is being installed. An isolator switch should also be installed to protect the unit from storms when a new AC unit is installed. It is easy for homeowners to access the switches and disconnection in case of lightning strikes or high winds that can cause damage.

We install them on the outdoor units of your home’s heating/cooling system to protect against storms. Homeowners can disengage these devices easily during times of potentially hazardous weather since they are easy to access.

Having an isolator switch installed on your home’s safety system will also help to prevent it from being tripped constantly by air conditioner faults. That way, the power can be disconnected to fix any issues before a major problem is caused and still not have any service interruptions while you are waiting for the repairs to be finished.


Aircon isolator switches are an essential component of the air conditioning system. They work to prevent power from being drained when the AC is not in use, and they help avoid expensive repairs. If you have any questions about whether or not you need one for your home, contact us today! We would love to answer your queries and provide a quote on our services that include installation, repair, inspection- if it can be done with regards to air conditioners at all.

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