Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water What Should I Do

Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water? What Should I Do?

Discovering your air conditioner leaking water can unsettle any homeowner in Singapore. This issue not only disrupts your comfort but could potentially pose risks to your home. This article aims to guide you through the immediate steps to take, explain the dangers of a leaking air conditioning unit, and explore common causes behind these leaks.

From clogged drains to faulty installations, understanding these reasons ensures you’re equipped to tackle the problem head-on.

Billy Aircon specialises in fixing such issues efficiently across Singapore—ensuring peace of mind for every resident facing an aircon emergency. Read on for actionable advice and insights into keeping your cooling system leak-free.

Find out what you need to do next.

Key Takeaways

  • Water leaking from your air conditioner can cause damage to your home and lead to health risks like mold. It’s a sign of bigger issues with your cooling system.
  • If you find a leak, turn off the air conditioner, clean up the water, and call professionals like Billy Aircon for help.
  • Common reasons for leaks include blocked drains, damaged drain pans, dirty air filters, low coolant levels, poor installation, faulty condensate pumps, and pests causing damage.
  • Preventing leaks means regularly checking and maintaining parts of your air conditioner such as the filter and drainage system.
  • Early action when discovering a leak saves money on repairs and keeps your home safe.

Is Water Leaking From Air Conditioner Dangerous?

Yes, water leaking from your air conditioner is dangerous. It can damage floors and furniture. The leaks also increase risks of electrical hazards. Mould and fungus might grow, leading to breathing issues.

Such leaks suggest more problems with your cooling system. You must fix leaks fast to keep safe and avoid bigger troubles later on.



What to Do if Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water

If you see water leaking from your air conditioner, first, turn it off to prevent more damage. Then, quickly mop up the spilled water using cloths or a sponge to keep your floor safe.

After that, call Billy Aircon for expert help right away.

Stop using your air conditioner

Turn off your air conditioner right away. This step stops water from leaking more and helps avoid making any problem worse. After you turn it off, the chance of further damage to your cooling system goes down.

This action is crucial for two reasons—preventing more water from damaging your home and stopping any current issues in your air conditioning unit from getting bigger.

Billy Aircon in Singapore knows that dealing with an AC leak quickly matters a lot. By turning off your system, you give professionals a better shot at fixing things without extra problems popping up.

They’ll check everything—like ducts, filters, and pipes—to ensure they solve the issue once and for all.

Clean up any water

Dry the area where your aircon is dripping water right away. This prevents damage to floors and stops mould from growing. Use a wet/dry hoover or microfibre cloths to soak up the water.

Billy Aircon, with years of experience in Singapore, always advises clients to act quickly on water leaks. Doing so protects your home’s indoor air quality and saves you from costly repairs later on.

Call a professional

Contact Billy Aircon right away if your air conditioner is leaking water. Their team, with 25 years of expertise, will inspect and fix the root cause swiftly. A pro can spot issues you might miss, like a blocked condensate duct or low coolant levels.

Immediate action prevents bigger problems and saves money in the long run.

Billy Aircon’s experts use tools like vacuum cleaners to clear blockages and check all parts of your cooling unit. Trust them for a thorough job. They understand ductwork, compressors, and every part of HVAC systems inside out.

This way, you get peace of mind knowing your air conditioner leak is fixed correctly.

Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking From the Inside Unit

When your air conditioner drips water inside, it’s time to find out why. Common causes include blocked drains and broken drain pans. Dirty air filters or poor setup can lead to troubles too.

Then there are low coolant and broken condensate pumps. Small creatures might even cause harm. Billy Aircon knows the ins and outs of these problems – from clearing blocked tubes to fixing split trays under your cooling system elements, like the fan coil part or outside compressor unit that chills air.

They check everything: whether it’s the parts that catch moisture, clean or swap filters, inspect coolant levels, or sort out machine pumps that move water away from your home base.

If you spot water coming from your cool air maker when off, don’t wait – ask a pro for help early!

The drain is clogged

A clogged condensate drain line in your air conditioner can cause major trouble. This happens when debris builds up, blocking the path for water to flow out. Instead of leaving the unit, water backs up and starts leaking from your aircon, dripping inside your house.

To stop this, keep an eye on any blockages and clear them before they get worse. A quick fix involves using a wet/dry vacuum to suck out the clog.

Billy Aircon has seen countless cases like this over 25 years. Their experts know exactly how to handle these blockages swiftly. They suggest regular checks of your condensate drain line to prevent buildup and avoid leaks.

If you’re unsure how to do it yourself, calling professionals is always a smart move. They have the tools and knowledge needed to ensure your aircon runs smoothly without causing water damage at home.

H2 Cracked or damaged drain pan ### Explain how damage to the drain pan can result in water leaks, underlining the need for regular checks for wear and tear.

A cracked or damaged drain pan spells trouble. This part sits under your unit, catching condensation. If it breaks or wears out, water escapes. It doesn’t just stay there; it leaks into your home.

Imagine turning on your aircon only to find a puddle underneath it. That’s what happens when the drain pan fails.

Fixing this issue early saves stress and money. Check the pan regularly for any signs of wear or cracks. Spotting them early means you can get them fixed before they turn into big problems.

Billy Aircon specialists know exactly what to look for and how to fix it fast, preventing those annoying leaks from ruining your day.

Your air filter is dirty



If your air filter is dirty, it stops air from moving freely. This can make ice form on parts inside the machine that get very cold. When this ice melts, it may cause leaks. Keep your filters clean to stop this problem and keep your system running right—for help, reach out to Billy Aircon for a check-up today!

Poor installation

Poor installation causes your air conditioner to leak water. If the unit is not level, the water does not drain properly. This leads to leaks from inside the unit. You must call a professional for the correct installation.

Billy Aircon ensures your air conditioner is installed right, stopping leaks and saving you worries and costs later on. Check for unevenness yourself or seek expert help immediately to fix it.

Low refrigerant gas levels

Low refrigerant gas in your aircon makes the coils too cold, leading to them freezing. This happens because there isn’t enough gas to absorb heat from the air. Once off, these icy coils thaw and result in water leaking inside your home.

It’s a sure sign that your system’s refrigerant levels aren’t right. Keeping an eye on this is crucial for stopping leaks early.

To fix it, you need a pro from Billy Aircon. They check your system, find out if the gas is too low, and refill it to the correct level. This not only stops leaks but also keeps your aircon running smoothly without wasting energy or risking more damage.

Always keep in mind – frozen coils mean trouble; get them checked fast.

The condensate pump is faulty

If your condensate pump stops working right, water can’t move out like it should. This means water might pile up and start leaking, especially if the inside part of your air conditioner is lower than where the water needs to go.

Keep reading to learn what you can do next!

Pest problems

Pests can create issues in your air conditioning system. Faulty condensate pumps and clogged drainage by dirt, dust, and fungus offer ideal breeding grounds for pests searching for water sources.

These unwelcome visitors not only bring health risks but can also cause physical damage to parts of your aircon unit, leading to leaks from the inside. It’s less known but possible that insects and rodents could harm components critical for water drainage, intensifying leak problems.

To prevent such situations, maintaining clean and functioning aircon parts is crucial.

If you notice signs of pest infestation or any part of your air conditioning system seems damaged, act fast. Contact Billy Aircon at [email protected] for professional help in keeping your unit running smoothly without the added trouble of leaks or pests.


1. Why is my air conditioner leaking water?

Your air conditioner leaks water due to blockages in the drain pipe, issues with the condensation process, or low refrigerant levels causing ice to form and melt.

2. What causes aircon pipe condensation?

Air humidity interacts with cold surfaces inside your unit, leading to condensation on pipes and potentially causing leaks if not properly drained.

3. Can pests cause my AC to leak water?

Yes, pests can damage components like insulation or create blockages in your system’s parts, leading to unexpected water leakage.

4. How do I stop my air conditioner from dripping water?

Ensure regular maintenance checks for clogs in the drain pipe, proper insulation of cooling lines, and that your system has enough refrigerant.

5. What should I do if my aircon is leaking water inside?

Turn off your unit immediately to prevent further damage and contact a professional service like Billy Aircon at [email protected] for an inspection and repair.

6. Is a leaking air conditioner dangerous?

Leaks can lead to mold growth or structural damage over time; hence it’s crucial to address them promptly by seeking professional help from services such as Billy Aircon.