5 Main Reasons Why your Aircon doesn’t Cool your House

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Aircon not Blowing Cold Air?

Base on our 25 years of experience, the top reason often due to lack of regular servicing and maintenance.

Quick Overview

In general, here are the 5 common reasons:

  1. Air filter is clogging
  2. A dirty condenser coil
  3. A busted compressor
  4. A Defective Thermostat
  5. A Small HP Air conditioner

Should you check yourself or contact a professional?

The first thing you should do is clean your aircon filter. If you notice your aircon filter is clogging, most likely this shall improve the air cooling process.

If this step doesn’t help much, you can contact us to get a FREE consultation.

Billy Aircon Office

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I owe this guys a review. They know what they are doing. One of my blowers were not cold (due to too much gas) and they diagnose it nicely. Finally, I did 5 x chemical washes (3 x blowers and 2 x compressors) which I had not done for over 3 years. Now they are humming like new. I will definitely call them back in June/July for yearly contract.read more
Mun Wai Chiang
Mun Wai Chiang
06:51 18 May 18
Excellent response time! I sent my enquiry at 9am in the morning and they were able to schedule a midday servicing for me. The technician was very professional and accurately identified and rectified the problems with my air conditioning.Highly recommended! 👍read more
Raymond Lee
Raymond Lee
07:00 30 May 18
Thanks! I thought the unusually high heat coming out of my AC was going to burn my house eventually. It was actually a big clogging problem. They penciled me in for a full Aircon chemical cleaning. Ah hao sent proceeded with his work and I was even more impressed with how they did it with all the safety procedures and everything.read more
Pasquale Crona
Pasquale Crona
10:48 18 Apr 18
The customer service of Billy Aircon is outstanding. Their staff was really friendly and gave me the right information to book their service.read more
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Lee Kins
14:57 25 May 18
Had a hard time booking an appointment for aircon service the whole week because I wasn't' able to get off work. Heard about this new online service from a friend. I tried Billy Aircon and I got a quick response. I was scheduled for the weekend because that was what I preferred because I was at home. Sure enough, they were there ready to do their work. Happy I found a convenient option. For a busy guy, like me, that's gold!read more
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Earl Pollard
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Brendon Gleichner
21:20 10 Jul 18
Very helpful. Able to attend our immediate request on Sunday afternoon. Daniel helped us to diagnose the cause of error is due to thermostats and able to give us advices. Excellent services.read more
Weng Koon Wong
Weng Koon Wong
09:37 12 Aug 18
I thought that it would be hard to find an aircon service. Singapore had a lot of scammers they said. Well... I found the perfect company that addressed the repair needs of my air-conditioner. I was not disappointed with their services.read more
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Jaron Hagenes
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Julius Schiller
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Rolando Stroman
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Sekandor Jeni
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YK Choi
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Benita L.
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Phil Pilgrim Scotish
Phil Pilgrim Scotish
10:25 16 May 18

Let’s dive in more to the detail of why your aircon is not cooling.

Quick Fact

For countries who have a tropical climate, an air-conditioning system is a must. The Asian continent has had the highest demand for these cooling systems over other continents even higher than the next closest region North America.

Many Asian countries like Singapore have a high demand for Room Air Conditioners. The all-day heat makes it necessary to have a running air conditioning system to provide cooling and comfort when doing activities inside.

Residential homes have an air conditioner running in every room to provide a good night’s sleep. It would get uncomfortable inside a concrete structure if your AC is not cooling efficiently. The following are the main reasons why your aircon is not releasing cold air.

#1 Air Filter Clogging

All AC units have an air filter which you can see from outside. It catches the particles that comes with the air coming out of the unit. This part easily gets clogged because it acts like a trap for dust, pollen, and other particles in the air.

An air filter can disrupt the flow of air out of the air conditioner if it gets clogged. Most air filters, however, can be removed manually.

You can clean it yourself by running water through the screen and wiping it. Just make sure it’s dry before you place it back into the unit.

#2 Dirty Condenser Coils

Clogging inside a condenser coil is normal especially for an air conditioner that operates for long hours in a day. Debris can get stuck inside its tubes and coils which can make it less efficient in expanding heat from the compressor and refrigerant.

Dirt inside the coils makes it harder for it to cool the air passing through it.

The extreme build-up of debris will eventually stop the AC from reaching the desired temperature inside the room it’s cooling.

Always keep your condenser coils clean by aircon servicing expert to avoid overheating and damaging your air conditioning system.

#3 Busted Compressor

The large motor you hear inside your AC is most probably the compressor unit which is the part responsible for compressing air to deliver cool air to the room. An AC struggling to cool room might have a busted compressor.

When the motor is broken, the refrigerants and coolant won’t circulate inside the machine which keeps it from passing through the condenser coils and evaporating unit. Basically, a broken compressor means a broken cooling cycle.

Most repair jobs would require the full replacement of the compressor unit making it best to avoid allowing your compressor to break down.

#4 Defective Thermostat

Your AC’s thermostat is the sensor responsible for regulating the room temperature inside the room it’s cooling. It’s signals the start or stop of the cooling process until the desired temperature is reached. If it’s broken the AC won’t know if the cooling process if effective.

#5 Small Air conditioner

There are times when having a smaller air conditioning unit is the actual problem, not a defective part. Many homeowners encounter this problem because they just purchase a unit for their homes without thinking about its power and size to cool the room.

Room size will play a role in how efficiently an air conditioner will cool the room. Outside heat will keep the room from cooling your room effectively if your unit is undersized.

A professional aircon servicing technician will be able to determine the right air conditioner size for your room upon inspection. He/she will also be able to do repairs on defective AC parts that are causing your aircon not to cool your room/s effectively.

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Looking for DIY tips? Check out this video for more.

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