Expert Aircon Repair Service for Units in Singapore

Whether residential or commercial, we can ensure that any system is functioning at its very best. We know that breakdowns, inefficiencies and drips can happen any day, so we make it easy to get the corrected fast and effectively, with the least amount of stress. Our experienced repair technicians will be on-site as quickly as possible to inspect your problem and diagnose the issue, correcting it using high-quality parts.

Additionally, we can also inspect the rest of your machine while working on it, proposing potential changes you could make to save money and increase the efficiency and efficacy of your unit. We pride ourselves on our readiness to go above and beyond our client’s expectations.

Breakdown? Not a problem with our high-quality aircon repairs

We know that in our tropical climate your property can’t afford a failed air conditioner. You’re your family or employees are sweltering in the heat, it’s time to get on the phone to Billy Aircon. Our repairs service includes diagnosis of the problem, troubleshooting and replacement or repair of components, followed by a full report on the issue and suggestions for how to avoid it in the future.

Our technicians go beyond providing a great one-off service and actually educate you on how the machine works, helping you to understand how you can get the most out of your system while saving money and preventing failures. Offered with a warranty of 90 days. Total price will depend on cost of parts consumed.

Our repairs service includes:

  • On-site dismantling of the circuit board
  • Sending the circuit board or the entire unit off-site for analysis
  • Quotation for the total cost of the repair
  • Unit repairs conducted pending customer confirmation
  • Professional in-house testing after repairs
  • Reinstallation of circuit board

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