Aircon Thermistor Essential Guide & FAQs

This article will be providing you with an essential aircon thermistor. We will be discussing the way they work, signs of bad thermistors, and what causes them to become faulty. Thermistors have been designed to be able to detect changes in temperature inside an air conditioner. Let’s take a closer look.

What do thermistors do inside of air conditioners?

These devices are temperature sensors. A majority of modern air conditioning systems have them.

Once the temperature of a room is detected, a resistance signal is sent from the thermostat over to the air conditioner controls. Automatic adjust are made to correct the temperature of the room. That helps to regulate the temperature.

Thermostats are located inside a car’s cabin or under a vehicle’s hood. They offer corrective measures and work as ambient temperature sensors.

What do bad thermistors do inside your AC?

One of the most common signs that a thermistor is faulty is when an air conditioner only blows cold air for a short period. It is very irritating and should be immediately corrected.

If the thermistor on an air conditioner is faulty or broken, it will not alert the computer processor to the cabin’s current temperatures. That will inhibit the module from deactivating or activating the air conditioner to control and regulate the cabin’s temperature. This results in cold air being blown in just short bursts or for a short period.

How Most Does it Cost To Replace A Thermistor?

An Aircon indoor thermistor will cost $90 to $160. There will also be a separate charge for a skilled technician’s labour. An Aircon outdoor thermistor will cost $150 to $250.

The replacement cost will be determined by the number of sets you have, refurbished or new thermistors, and the brand.

Where are thermistors located inside the air conditioner?

Thermistors are mounted close to the evaporator coils.

The coils are inside the AC system. As air is sucked through the AC’s return vents,  it passes through the sensor and coils. The sensor’s air temperature is ready, and the readings are compared with the thermistor’s previously set parameters. There is also a thermistor located outside the condenser unit.

How To Remove and Replace a Thermistor

If you have the right technical knowledge, it is possible to replace or remove an aircon thermistor on your own. Be careful when you remove the thermistor cable from the PCB board. The numerous wires make the task challenging and confusing, and why you might need help from a specialist.

It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced technician to replace or remove your thermistor.

What are the differences between thermostats and thermistors?

Compared to thermistors, thermostats are cruder. It has been shown by science that conductivity relies on electron movement within the heated metal. Thermistors can record even slight temperature changes. The thermostat allows the metal to rise over the contact when temperatures rise or the metal to press on contact.

A thermistor can read conductivity changes, which makes it cruder and more complex. A thermistor can express temperature changes as the conductivity varies.

How to Resolve Thermistor Error


Thermistors are semiconductor devices that take temperature measurements and send the information to the control unit of the air conditioner. When it is time for your AC thermistor to be replaced, give us a call to help you. We are experienced in replacing old parts and installing new ones, whichever suits your needs the best.

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