6 Common Reasons Why AC Turning On and Off frequently (Short Cycling)

If your air conditioning turns on and off frequently, you may be experiencing short cycling. Short cycling is when an Ac turns off after every 15 […]

5 Common Reasons Your Aircon Light Is Blinking And What To Do

If your air conditioning unit light is continually blinking, you need to find out what is causing the light to blink and what to do about […]

9 Most Popular Air Conditioner Problems & How To Deal With Them

In Singapore, air conditioners are very important. They make it feel cool when the weather is hot. But these units will not work forever and will […]
aircon gas leaks checking

Aircon Gas Leaks – Signs, Causes, and Dangers

Do you know the signs of an aircon gas leak? You’re not alone if you don’t. But it’s worth knowing because a gas leak can be […]

Aircon Condensation: What You Need To Know

This article is for those of you who have an air conditioner and want to know more about the water that may be collecting on it. […]

The 6 Signs Of Low Refrigerant Levels In Your AC

Does your home feel warmer than it should even with the AC turned on? Or does it take ages before you can feel indoor temperatures coming […]

What Is The Sleep Mode On Your Air Conditioner And What Are Its Benefits

Air conditioners have lots of features you probably don’t know how to make good use of. Most people only want to set their units to target […]

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Aircon?

If your aircon is malfunctioning, or if it won’t run at all, you have an important decision ahead of you. You’ll have to decide whether it […]

What Is The Purpose Of Your Air Conditioner’s Power Chill/Quick Cool Feature?

Power chill, also known as quick cool, is a common air conditioner function that is used to cool an area in the shortest amount of time. […]

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