Air Conditioner Remote Control Symbols Explained for User Convenience

When you go shopping for your air conditioner, you are most likely looking at energy-efficiency, air quality and cooling speed. One of the points that will […]

How To Repair A Noisy Aircon?

Having to deal with a noisy Aircon can be a frustrating affair and often a sign of a serious problem. For this reason, if your air […]

Drain Lines Are Important Parts of an Air Conditioner That Need to Work Correctly

The AC drain line or condensate line is one vital part of an HVAC system and needs to be in perfect working order, for the cooling […]

Benefits Of Inverter Aircon Technology For Energy Savings

If you are planning to buy a new air conditioner, you must be wondering whether to buy an inverter AC or a non-inverter air conditioner. Due […]

Health Considerations for Aircon Use

If you live in an especially hot region, you probably use your air conditioner almost all day and even sleep in an air-conditioned room at night. […]

8 Things To Consider Before Buying Air Conditional Unit.

With global temperatures increasing by the day, air conditioning units have become a must have appliance in every household. However, even though many people are in […]
Air Conditioners - The basic need for Singapore

Air Conditioners, Considered as Basic Need For Singapore 

No less than Singapore’s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew considers air conditioning unit as the 20th century’s most important innovation, at least for the country. […]
Eco-friendly, Water-based Aircon in Singapore

Eco-Friendly, Water-Based Air Conditioners Introduced By Singapore

Air conditioning units are one of the main culprits of household energy consumption and incurring high electricity bills. Aircons are widely used in Singapore due to […]
5 main reasons why your aircon doesn't cool your house

5 Main Reasons Why your Aircon doesn’t Cool your House

Why my aircon is not cold? Aircon not Blowing Cold Air? Aircon not as cold as before? Base on our 25 years of experience, the top […]

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