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5 main reasons why your aircon doesn't cool your house

5 Main Reasons Why your Aircon doesn’t Cool your House

Aircon not Blowing Cold Air? Base on our 25 years of experience, the top reason often due to lack of regular servicing and maintenance. Quick Overview […]
Why aicon leaking

Why do Air Conditioners Leak or Drip Water and How to Check it out

Do You Have Leaking Aircon Problem? Or Want to Know Why Aircon Leak Water? Based on out 25 years of experience, you need to take immediate […]

How to Keep Your Home Cool when Your Aircon Breaks Down

Aircon failure – especially in the middle of warm seasons – could be a major source of frustration for you and your family members. Strangely enough, air […]

Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Compressor Problems

The aircon compressor is the heart of an air conditioner, and any serious defect in this component may cost you a fortune. Thankfully, aircon compressor failures […]