Aircon Servicing


How to Choose an Aircon Service Company in Singapore

Calling an aircon technician for air conditioner repair in the middle of summer is perhaps the last thing you have in your mind, but sometimes you […]
aircon evaporator freeze

How to Deal with an Air Conditioner Freezing Up

Ice on and around your air conditioner may initially catch you by surprise – especially in the middle of summer. You may quickly check the inside […]

Five Air Conditioner Parts that Need Regular Maintenance

The importance of aircon maintenance cannot be stressed enough. In a hot and humid country like Singapore, an air conditioner is not a choice, but a necessity. […]

How to Deal with an Air Conditioner Emergency in Singapore

Do you need an emergency aircon repair servicing in Singapore? In the hot and humid weather like Singapore, when the temperature starts to escalate, you want […]