Air Conditioners - The basic need for Singapore

Air Conditioners, Considered as Basic Need For Singapore 

No less than Singapore’s first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew considers air conditioning unit as the 20th century’s most important innovation, at least for the country. […]
Eco-friendly, Water-based Aircon in Singapore

Eco-Friendly, Water-Based Air Conditioners Introduced By Singapore

Air conditioning units are one of the main culprits of household energy consumption and incurring high electricity bills. Aircons are widely used in Singapore due to […]

Why Regular Aircon Servicing is Important for Residences in Singapore?

Aircon servicing companies are common in urban areas with residences spread all throughout the city. The demand for this type of service is high especially with […]

Types of Air Conditioner Coils and How They Work

Coils of air conditioners play a major role in the process of cooling. This is exactly why you should keep the coils clean and in proper […]