Aircon Servicing During Circuit Breaker? 3 Things You Can Do Now

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Are you having an aircon problem during this circuit breaker period?

You might be calling multiple aircon servicing companies, but most of them are not in operation during this period. It is same for us too.

Honestly, we do feel the frustration and the uncomfortable you are facing now, especially you need to stay at home for most of the time.

We did try to apply for the operation permission from GoBusiness early before the Circuit Breaker gets started. It was approved initially but got suspended again because the ongoing new case is increasing over time. We are closing now and will keep everyone updated according to GoBusiness. I believe this happened to other aircon servicing companies too.

During this circuit breaker period, we fully support our government to make sure we can contain the spread of the virus, and top priority should always be on the health of our people.

Since getting aircon servicing is almost impossible during this period, here are some DIY cleaning tricks which may able to ease some of your aircon problems.

How to DIY Clean or Repair Your Aircon Conditioner?

Let’s breakdown into 3 commonly issues.

#1 – Aircon Not Cold or Airflow is Low

This is one of the most common aircon issues.

Check Air Filter

  • First, open up your aircon cover and check the air filter. Is it full of dust and blocking the airflow?
  • If yes, take it out and wash it in your bathroom.
  • Make sure it is dry before putting it back.

Check Evaporator Assembly & Outlet Part

  • Check the if your evaporator assembly cover with dust?
  • If yes, you will need an old toothbrush and a vacuum cleaner (make sure your vacuum is long enough to reach the aircon unit).
  • Use the toothbrush to clean the dust on top of the evaporator assembly gently. At the same time, use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirty dust.
  • Do the same for the outlet part if you found the dust is blocking the airflow.
  • Do make sure you wear a face mask as it might a “dusty” process.

If the doesn’t improve at all, it can be the aircon compressor problem or may need to top up aircon gas. You have no choice and have to wait until the CB period ended to get proper aircon servicing.

#2 – Aircon Leaking Water

For aircon leaking, it is usually caused by the dirty stuff stuck inside the aircon drainage pipe. The typical way is to do a full aircon overhaul cleaning which will flush and clean the drainage pipe thoroughly.

This will require disassembling the aircon unit, which is not recommended done by you.

But there is a trick where you can try to use a waterproofed vacuum cleaner to suck the dirty stuff out of your drainage pipe without taking down the unit.

  • Find the aircon drainage pipe in the bathroom. It’s usually located at your bathroom where the aircon water will flow out through the drainage pipe to your toilet/bathroom.
  • Make sure aircon is turned off first.
  • Use a waterproofed vacuum cleaner to suck out any dirty stuff from the pipe.
  • This step may clean out part of the blocking drainage. If the blocking is near the aircon unit, then it may not help much.

This may not always work or may only partially reduce the problem. Anyway, it is nothing lose to try rather than just let it leaks.

Once circuit breaker period is over, we strongly recommend you contact aircon servicing company to do an overhaul cleaning.

#3 – Aircon Breakdown

Honestly, nothing much you can do it yourself for this problem. We recommend you to book an aircon troubleshooting appointment in advanced so that you can get it to fix ASAP once the circuit breaker period is over.

Should I make the aircon service Appointment now?

If you have tried the above DIY steps but still doesn’t help, we strongly recommend you make an appointment with your desire aircon service company now.

This is because once the circuit breaker period is over, there will be a lot of requests for aircon services. If you only book the time slot after circuit breaker period is over, I afraid your time slot will get pushed further away, or you will need to contact many aircon service companies to get a right time slot.

Now, go to try on the steps above.

If you need help after circuit breaker period, do come back and book your aircon service appointment with us.

Stay safe!


Can you service my aircon during circuit breaker period?❓

– Nope. According to GoBusiness & MOM, aircon servicing is not allowed during circuit breaker period.

How to DIY Clean or Repair You Aircon Conditioner?

– It depends on your aircon problems. We listed 3 things you can DIY in this article.

Should I make the aircon service appointment now?

– Yes. You should make aircon service appointment in advanced because once the circuit breaker period is over, there will be a lot of requests for aircon services. If you only book the time slot after circuit breaker period is over, I afraid your time slot will get pushed further away, or you will need to contact many aircon service companies to get a right time slot.

Why choose Billy aircon?

– We have expert aircon technician with over 25 years of experience in AC services. With this, we can assure you that our service is top-notched and high quality.

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