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If you have recently noticed any drop in the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner, you may have a problem with your aircon’s condenser. Almost every central or split air conditioner system comes with two separate units – one outdoor and one indoor unit. The outdoor unit is commonly referred to as the condenser, which consists of a blower fan, the compressor, and the condenser coil. The indoor unit consists of the evaporator. The indoor and the outdoor unit are linked to each other through pipes running through the walls.

A faulty condenser may cause a number of air conditioning problems, such as, not cooling enough and a notable drop in energy efficiency. If you notice any such problem, you should contact an experienced Singapore’s aircon service provider as soon as possible. If left undetected, the problem may worsen with time and may eventually result in compressor failure or even more serious problems.

Common Reasons of Aircon Condenser Problems

Condenser problems can be caused by a number of reasons, but some reasons are more common than the others. Here are some examples.

  • Power supply issues – Once you suspect any condenser problem, you should first check for any power supply issues in the motors inside the condenser. Maybe the wiring inside the motors and the compressor is faulty. Or perhaps, there is a problem with the capacitors and electrical relays. Sometimes, you may notice the fan not working or the compressor not turning on. In any case, you should call an expert AC technician and get the condenser checked for any electrical failures.
  • Debris stuck inside the condenser unit – The condenser unit is more likely than the other parts of your AC to accumulate dirt and grime, because it is located outside of your house. Debris, including leaves, grass, sticks, pieces of stones and gravels may get stuck inside the condenser unit and affect the normal functioning of the unit.This is exactly why it is important to choose the location for installing the outdoor unit wisely. Make sure there is no obstruction in front of the unit and keep the areas surrounding the condenser clean, so that no outside object come flying to condenser unit and get stuck inside it during storm or heavy wind flow. An outside object can block or even damage the unit’s the fan blades, condenser coils, the motors, and the fan belts.
  • Leaking Coolant – The condenser works by circulating coolant or refrigerant through the coils and the compressor to dissipate heat. The outdoor condenser unit and the indoor evaporator are connected with pipes through the wall. The refrigerant flows through the pipes and help carry out heat exchange.This means that any leakage in the pipes or coils could affect the performance of the entire air conditioning system. Unfortunately, leakage in condenser coils and pipes is a common problem. If you notice coolants leaking from your condenser unit, you should seek professional help to fix the problem immediately.

Finally, make sure you choose an aircon service wisely. Check the background and reputation of the aircon company you are planning to hire.

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