Common Reasons Your Aircon Doesn’t Work Even After Servicing

Is your air conditioner not keeping your home cold even after servicing? Are you not getting the performance you expect from your air conditioner? Most people assume that an air conditioner should always work and they are not wrong. An air conditioner should make your home cold and bring the temperature down to the desired levels if every single component in the AC works. If the air conditioner isn’t performing as it should, it means that something is not right with the air conditioner. If you have recently got your air conditioner serviced and it’s still not performing, it could mean only one thing.

The only reason your air conditioner isn’t keeping your house cold even after servicing is that the technician you hired for servicing isn’t well-versed with the brand or model of your air conditioner. It is a common problem and you are not alone. Most people presume that all the air conditioner technicians have received the same training and have the necessary tools and parts to fix all kinds of problem with the A/C but sadly, that is not true.

There are dozens of companies making air-conditioners and most of these companies have launched hundreds of different models in different capacities and with a lot of different features. An untrained technician couldn’t possibly have the necessary training to fix all the brands of air-conditioners. Another important thing you need to realise is that every brand of AC is different. The placement of components is different and different kinds of tools are required to repair those components.

It would be wrong on your part to assume that every technician is capable of fixing all kinds of problems with any brand of PC. You should make sure that the technician you are planning to hire for servicing your air conditioner is well-versed with the brand of AC you have in your home. One of the ways for you to ensure that is to go to their website and find out whether they have trained technicians for servicing or repairing your brand of AC.

One of the major reasons any air conditioner does not cool the air even after servicing is that one of the major components isn’t working properly. Usually, it happens when there is a refrigerant gas leak. You should know that the refrigerant gas isn’t used up by your air conditioner over a period of time. The refrigerant gas is inside a closed loop system which means there is no way for it to escape or get used up over a period of time. However, the metal pipes that contain this refrigerant gas tend to develop corrosion spots over a period of time due to formation of certain acids.

The corrosion could also happen if the air-conditioner isn’t serviced regularly. If there is a leakage of the refrigerant gas, the gas will keep escaping and there will come a moment when there isn’t enough refrigerant gas in the air conditioning system to cool down your home.

If that is the case, a trained technician will first take out all the refrigerant gas from the system. They will then check for leaks. If they find any leaks, they will first fix the leaks and check the system for integrity. If the air-conditioning system starts working as it should, they will then top up the refrigerant gas inside the A/C unit and your AC should start working without any issues. In short, one of the main reasons an air conditioner does not cool the air is refrigerant gas leakage and that can only be fixed by a trained technician.

If you feel that a refrigerant leakage is the reason for your AC not working, it is important that you do not try to fix the problem on your own. There is every chance that you’re going to make it worse as specialised tools are needed to find the leaks and fix those leaks. Without those tools, it is impossible to fix those small leakages.

Another reason for your AC not working properly could be the failure of compressor or any of the other major components. If the compressor has developed some kind of fault, it won’t be able to compress the refrigerant gas to its full potential and the heat exchange that should take place to cool down the air doesn’t happen to the desired extent. In this situation, it is recommended to call in a professional technician to fix this problem.

In addition to the refrigerant gas leakage and compressor problems, there could be a number of other problems with your air conditioning system if it is not performing as efficiently as it should or if it is not cooling your home as you expect it to. One of the biggest mistakes many people make when they find that their AC isn’t working to its full potential is just to ignore the problem. You should never make this mistake as it is going to cost you a lot of money in the long run. In fact, ignoring the problem might cause you to replace the unit completely.

To conclude, there could be a number of reasons when your air conditioner is not making your home cold even after proper servicing. As discussed in the above paragraphs, it could be due to leakage of the refrigerant gas or a problem with the compressor. It could also happen due to failure of other important components such as the evaporator coil or the expansion valve or for various other reasons. The only way for you to avoid such a scenario is to utilise the services of a trained technician who is well-versed with the brand and model of your air conditioner.

When you are searching for a professional technician to do air conditioner servicing, it is recommended to check their credentials, training and experience. Make sure they have the brand of AC listed on their website for service. It is also recommended to check their reputation in the local community by searching for their name online. You should be able to easily find customer reviews for a particular company by searching for their name online. It will give you a lot of useful insights into their competence, training, customer service and experience. So, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind when hiring an AC technician to fix the problems with your AC.