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We can work on every Daikin air-conditioning system distributed in Singapore. It is our commitment to deliver the highest quality service for AC owners in residential areas, business owners, and industries around the country.

Clients who own a Daikin unit can rely on us because we have developed our services to include all-in-one solutions for maintenance and repair needs. With our technicians, you can be assured your AC unit will run efficiently for years.

Our client base continues to grow as more and more Daikin unit owners in Singapore are putting their trust on us to deliver. Using our servicing methods, we can provide solutions to any issue our clients has with their air-conditioning unit.

The vision of our company is to contribute to the high quality of life in the city through the comfort that a fully-operational Daikin air-conditioning unit supplies. To realize that, we have air-con inspection, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair, overhaul, and installation services.

Daikin Aircon Overview

Daikin has manufactured quality air-conditioning systems for more than 90 years. The company has manufactured air conditioning equipment and refrigerants used for industry-grade factories, commercial buildings, and residences.

One of the keys to Daikin’s success is being able to deliver on the cooling needs of their customers. The general category Daikin AC units are classified in are outdoor, inverter indoor, and indoor. They have several models that are classified in these categories.

The Outdoor Unit

Daikin outdoor units are known for taking the air outside and delivering quality cool air to the inside of homes, offices, and other spaces. The reliable compressor and condenser units are contained in the installation as a part of the system.

The VRV system is the most popular Daikin series bought in the market. It uses the company’s modern technology to deliver a highly efficient cooling and a reliable machine that will deliver cooled air for years to come.

Residences and small commercial building will benefit from their air-cooled condensers because it can deliver to multiple cooling zones and has a space-saving design. Larger structures will benefit from their water-cooled condensers because of its cold climate feature, ergonomic design, and energy-saving technology.

Indoor Unit

Typical Indoor Unit

The indoor units from Daikin are known for their sleek design which can fit in any design whether for home or commercial use. There are multiple indoor units available which can be installed inside any kind of space.

FXUQ and FXHQ units are ceiling suspended installations perfect for restaurants, hotels, and offices. There are also ceiling-mounted AC systems which are the FXEQ and FXZQ series. Wall-mounted units are a part of the FXAQ model. And the FXLQ model is their floor-standing units.

Inverter Indoor Unit

The inverter indoor units from Daikin have its own inverter compressor which is a highly-efficient unit that saves energy. Their units also have features such as temperature regulation and humidity control to provide maximum comfort.

You have the popular VRV series with inverter technology in the indoor unit installations to create a cool, comfortable environment. They also have the Super Multi NX for quality cooling in residences with the patented Daikin inverter technology.

Looks No Further!

Daikin continues to be a leading brand for air-conditioning systems in the world. They have multiple unit models for all installation needs which allows clients the flexibility for their cooling needs. The technology they use continues to improve to deliver effective cooling making them a trusted brand for more years to come.

For Singaporeans who own a Daikin unit, you don’t need to look for another repair specialist. We at Daikin Aircon Servicing will deliver specialized servicing to your AC system. Our technicians are trained and have a wealth of experience handling this air-con brand. Book our services now so you experience quality maintenance and repair each time!

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