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Parks are there to entertain people – in a general sense. But how will people react when they visit parks that they’ve never imagined it to be the way it is? Such are the remarks and feedback from foreign visitors of the Haw Par Villa. They’ve been reporting people to have witnessed surreal exhibits that they thought would only be present in a thriller park or horror booth. But Haw Par Villa, to the locals, is just like any other parks in Singapore. Either they terrify or astonish people. To people that are used of this kind of theme in a park, it is very entertaining and fun to them. Here are some tips from our team.

The Haw Par Villa is all about Chinese mythology and folklore, which is why you’ve read some people talk about surreal images and figures there that is unimaginable to witness at a theme park. Who wouldn’t feel something like that when they see gruesome depictions created in front of them? If you want to see which of these places have given visitors mixed feelings, go to 10 Courts of Hell. It is up to you to describe what you’ll see there.

However, there is some twist about this park. You don’t have to spend your time analyzing the 10 Courts of Hell as you can breathe in something fresh from this park. This is the depiction of Madame White Snake and the Journey to the West. You also get to pick your favorite from more than a thousand colorful tableaux and statues that are on display. Among them are the massive deity heads and a giant gorilla.haw par villa

Haw Par Villa is also seen by its visitors as something that takes you to other worlds that you think only exist within your dream. Situated at Pasir Panjang, this theme park is named after the Aw brothers that were born in Burma. They were once creating a medical ointment they refer to as the Tiger Balm. The theme park was created for the younger brother named Boon Par. Boon Haw, the older brother, saw the circularly shaped house worth $2 million, including the sprawling garden as a means of their journey into Chinese Mythology.

During the early years of this theme park, its grounds was made open to the public, which even included a zoo. But the brothers left the house and went overseas when World War II started. The forces from Japan took over the place, which was used to watch the ships over at sea.


The grand revival of the theme park started right after the war. It was Aw Cheng Chye, Boon Par’s son that added its finishing touches. Between the 70s and the 80s, many school excursions and day trips came to the theme park. The Singaporeans back then would tell you cheekily regarding the nightmares they’ve had when they first experience the park when they were kids.

By 1985, the land went through a renovation after the Singapore Tourism Board has acquired its rights.

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