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In the relentless Singaporean heat, having a dependable aircon system isn’t just a luxury; it’s absolutely imperative. Many believe that stumbling upon a skilled and trustworthy aircon contractor in Eunos, Singapore, is purely down to chance. However, our narrative paints a rather different picture. Established in 2003, Billy Aircon has been dedicated to ensuring homes and offices across Singapore remain cool and pleasant without causing financial strain. What began as a modest team of five has blossomed into an impressive collective of 26 aircon aficionados, all under the steadfast leadership of our captain who boasts more than two decades in the field.

Our commitment extends beyond mere repairs; we ensure your aircons are restored to their prime condition. Our team consists not of mere technicians but seasoned professionals, each bringing at least three years of hands-on experience right to your doorstep any hour you need us—supported by a pledge to address any concerns within 24 hours.

It’s this level of service that sets us apart in Eunos for offering unmatched quality that won’t wreak havoc on your finances – accompanied by a workmanship warranty extending up to 90 days post-service. This essentially offers risk-free relief for you and yours throughout every season. Looking forward to cooler days? There’s more where that came from.

About Eunos

Eunos, named after Mohamed Eunos bin Abdullah, stands out in Singapore. He was a celebrated nationalist thinker. This area once thrived with plantations and countryside farms. Today, it houses 33,380 people.

Turning to its roots offers a story of transformation. From green farmland to a lively community, Eunos has evolved. Its population flourishes in an area rich with history and aircon services meeting the modern needs of apartments and homes alike.

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Eunos Landmarks

Exploring the area around Eunos reveals a range of vibrant suburbs. Each boasts its unique charm and amenities. These neighbourhoods are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of living near Eunos, from convenient aircon services to easy access to landmarks.

Geylang East is right next door. It’s known for its lively streets and mouth-watering food options. Local residents often engage us for aircon installation or quick repair jobs here.

Marine Parade is a coastal area close by. Families love its serene environment and seaside parks. We frequently perform aircon chemical washes here to fight the salty sea air’s effect on air conditioning units.

Bedok offers a mix of residential, commercial, and natural spaces. It’s popular for its reservoir and food centres. Our team regularly heads out to Bedok for routine aircon servicing and maintenance.

Kaki Bukit, another neighbouring suburb, is an industrial hub with many businesses requiring our expert handymen for air conditioning needs – from vacuuming filters to fixing leaks near their wash basins.

Lastly, Paya Lebar stands as a rapidly growing commercial district. Modern offices here count on us for efficient and timely aircon repairs to ensure their operations run smoothly in Singapore’s heat.

Near by Suburbs

Ready to cool off your space in Eunos with top-notch aircon service? Our team at Billy Aircon is here to help. We bring years of experience and a commitment to great customer service.

With our 90-day warranty, you get peace of mind too.

Need an aircon fix or thinking about a new setup? Our skilled crew handles both with ease. They’re trained and certified, making sure your air-conditioning runs smoothly.

Our Works

Standard Servicing

We check and clean of fan coil, filter, cover and front panel. A good maintenance plan will help you prolong the operating life of your AC.

Chemical Wash

Our technicians will dismantle the unit’s fan coil and electronic control, and all parts carefully cleaned using a specially formulated sanitising mixture, leaving the unit free of dirt.


We specialize in the supply, installation and maintenance of residential, commercial, retail and industrial Air Conditioning systems throughout Singapore.


We do air-con repair, overhaul & troubleshooting for all major brands and you can be assured with our expertise and experience of over 25 years

Our Rate in Eunos

Standard Servicing

No. of Units Best Rate
1 Unit (c/w Condenser) $50
2 Units (c/w Condenser) $55
3 Units (c/w Condenser) $70
4 Units (c/w Condenser) $85
5 Units (c/w Condenser) $100
6 Units (c/w Condenser) $115
7-9 Units (c/w Condenser) $18/units **
10++ Units (c/w Condenser) $16/units **

** See terms & conditions below

Air Conditioning Chemical Wash

Type of CleaningBest Rate
1 Unit Non Dismantle Chemical Wash$80 to $100
1 Unit Dismantle Chemical Wash$130 to $180

Annual Contract Maintenance

No. of UnitsQuarterly (4x)
1 Units (c/w Condenser)-
2 Units (c/w Condenser)$200
3 Units (c/w Condenser)$240
4 Units (c/w Condenser)$300
5 Units (c/w Condenser)$360
6 Units (c/w Condenser)$400

Gas Top Up Rate

Type of GasBest Rate
R22 GAS$50 to $80
R410 GAS$60 to $150

Check-Up service

Type of WorkBest Rate
Standard Troubleshooting$40
Advanced Troubleshooting$50

All Works Come With

Guarantee Services

Our Guarantee

100% solve all your air conditioning repair & servicing problems.

Guarantee follow up air conditioner services within 7 days.

Free 90 days workmanship warranty.

Customer service responses within 24 hours.

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100% solve your aircon problem
Follow up services within 7 days

Supported AC Brands

Supported ac brands

We support various type of aircon brands including Panasonic, LG, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Daikin. Over the years, we have established a steady client base, including both commercial and residential customers. Thankfully, most of our clients are happy with our services.


  • The terms and conditions of our services apply for all jobs. For more information, you can read it here.
  • Payment for service is given only after the job is completed. We only accept cash for our installation services.
  • The prices and charges you see on our site only refer to residential clients in Singapore. For businesses and corporate accounts, you may contact our customer service hotline for price quotations.
  • We do not have a 1-day breakdown attendance.
  • Extra charges may apply to CBD area.
  • (c/w Condenser) = Refer to Check With Condenser
  • Promotional price is only applicable to condominium and HDB apartment. There might be additional charges for landed residences and office areas.
  • Multiple Unit’s Prices Apply to Single House Only. It CANNOT Be Shared With Multiple Locations.
  • Additional charges may apply for job starts from 6pm
  • Additional charges may apply to CBD area and job starts from 6pm. Applicable to a single location only.
  • ** The low price per unit only applicable to a single HDB/Flat/Condo within same address. It doesn’t apply to a combination of multiple units in different locations.

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