Everything that you need to know about traveling to Clark Quay, Singapore

Clarke Quay is one of Singapore’s most iconic historic river quays at the mouth of the Singapore River. Even in English colonization times, it was here that the nerve centre of the city was located. Today, the quay with its numerous restaurants and clubs, some of them in converted ships, is known for its nightlife. Here in Clark Quay is also where the harbor cruises start. Find out more in this article from Billy.

What is in Clark Quay?

Clark and Boat Quay are two well-known streets in Singapore that come to life, especially in the evening. Around the Clark and the Boat Quay, one finds the amusement and entertainment in Singapore. In the former business houses and warehouses on the Singapore River, bars, restaurants, pubs and dance halls have settled. It could be said that Clark Quay is the center of nightlife in Singapore.

On the Boat Quay are, it is more quiet, family-oriented and stylish. Here, especially employees of the nearby stock exchange meet for a drink after work. Furthermore, you can eat very well at the Clark Quay in the many open-air restaurants. You can expect a colorful mix of simple street restaurants and fine restaurants.

At Clarke Quay, the party starts every night with the new and the young people flock to the street. The Singapore River Riverside offers a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options.Clark Quay, Singapore

What are the entertainment options in Clark Quay?

There are some dance halls and many pubs playing the latest hits.

It’s hard to make a recommendation – revelers will feel comfortable on both streets. And to give you some variety, there is a boat in the evening that shuttles between Clark and Boat Quay. Thus the problem of:  “Where should I go” is also not so difficult to be solved.

Where to drink around Clark Quay?

The boulevard from Boat Quay to Clarke Quay is packed with restaurants and bars. The prices are not exactly low here. Expect to pay about $ 16 for a beer in a bar. But the atmosphere is worth it. Beer should be on your Singapore trip on Clarke Quay. You can also just sit by the water and drink a beer from the supermarket (while still allowed in Singapore).


Clark Quay is where the nightlife is going to be at if you are anywhere in Singapore. For young travelers that are headed to this City, you should make it a point to stop here. At Clark Quay, here you have a crazy selection of bars, cafes, restaurants, and attractions such as ‘reverse bungee jumping’ or just live music. Also, some famous nightclubs clubs are located here. Especially in the evening, something is going on here. It is worth a visit here when in Singapore.


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