What to expect when visiting the Singapore Philatelic Museum?

The Singapore Philatelic Museum or the Stamp Museum shows the postal and stamp history of Singapore. The post office museum in Singapore is wonderful and a great place to visit if you want to learn about the in-depth cultural history of Singapore. Here is the guide from www.billyaircon.com.sg.

The Singaporean stamps museum, located on Coleman Street is an elegant two-story building with colonial architecture. When you open the white door and enter the hall, there is a ticket counter immediately. You can then start roaming around the museum after sticking the seal of the postage stamp which the staff gives you onto your clothes. The architecture of the building itself is beautiful, with pillars that arch and high ceilings. The museum’s architecture and watermark carvings are beautiful, and it is spectacular to look at. So the architecture of the building will be another sight to see in addition to the collected stamps.

What are the stamp exhibits like?

The various exhibits in the Singapore Philatelic Museum are divided into different collared rooms. These rooms are painted a different color and they each have different themes. Visitors can choose whichever order that they want to enter or explore the rooms in.

The first room is the “Orange Room.” This is a room that is used to explain the concept and history of stamps. Did you know that “philately” meaning stamp collecting was the word born from Greek “philos” and “ateleia”? Here are various stamps of stamp enthusiasts such as one penny stamp in the UK (Penny Black) that was first published in the world in 1840. Panels of this one penny stamp are decorated on the wall, but the profile of the designed Queen Victoria speaks about the history of the stamps.
Phitalic museum

The purple room next to the Orange room introduces the stamp manufacturing process of Singapore. The Singaporean stamps are designed by Singaporean designers as a rule to produce the cultural features of the country. In the room, processes such as design, plate making, printing, and cutting are introduced in detail with the tools used.

In the following Green Room, visitors can learn about the famous stamp collectors around the world. George V in the UK is an avid stamp collector and seems to have made stamps using the father’s portrait of Edward VIII on the 70th anniversary of stamp birth. Also, a must-see for this room is a collection of stamps from around the world. When you slide out the slide-type display glass, beautiful stamps of that country are displayed there along with the description of the country and the country.


Singaporean stamp museum will let you see and feel the impact on the wider world of postage, and history through stamps. After seeing a lot of beautiful stamps, if you want yourself, you can buy stamps from all over the world at the shop on the first floor.

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