General Frequently Asked Questions

1. My air con is on but the room is still hot. What could be the problem?

  • Make sure that temperature is not set too high and the remote control is set to cooling mode.
  • Check if the door and windows are shut.
  • Make sure that the air con unit is appropriate for the room size.
  • Check if the fancoil is clean
  • If some parts are faulty, be sure to seek the help of the experts.

2. The water leaks from the unit. What causes this problem?

Normally, the air conditioner’s water will condensate inside the fancoil. This will usually be released in the drainage pipe. If the drainage pipe is clogged or choked then water will start leaking.

3. The room temperature is not cold enough even when the air conditioner unit has been turned on for sometime.

A room that has an air conditioning unit should have colder temperature after a while. If the air con does not produce the expected coldness then a number of reasons could be causing it.

  • the unit’s electrical cable is faulty
  • there is a problem in the wiring
  • there is a problem with the P.C.B
  • The temperature is not properly set

4. The room gets smelly whenever I turn my air conditioner unit on.

The smell of the cigarette and other pollutants is absorbed by the unit. The solution to this is intense chemical treatment of the air conditioner.

5. Why is the unit noisy?

The noise of an air con unit is actually caused by:

  • Vibration of a dirty fancoil or condenser
  • Loose mounting of an air condition system’s components
  • Faulty parts

6. How important is air con maintenance?

It is advisable that an air con unit is regularly serviced. Doing this religiously will ensure the performance of the unit which could result to a properly air-conditioned room.

7. What makes a chemical cleaning necessary?

Chemical cleaning is a more thorough process in servicing an air conditioner unit. It is advisable for those units which are badly clogged.

8. Can I clean my own unit?

You can do some services on your own unit like washing the filter and cleaning the fancoil cover. However, it is highly recommended that you engage professionals such as Billy Air Con for a more thorough cleaning.

9. What benefits should I expect if I services my air con unit?

Power efficiency- Aircon servicing Singapore service would help improve the efficiency of a unit. This is possible since the service would ensure that the unit is properly cleaned and are functioning properly.Cooler room temperature- Air conditioner units that are regularly maintained perform at their optimum capability leading to a cooler room.

10. What services does your company offer?

Billy Aircon offers various services for air conditioners including:

  • Regular air con services and maintenance
  • Contract maintenance
  • Chemical cleaning and chemical overhaul
  • Installation of air conditioner system
  • Unit repair
  • Air conditioner check up

11. How should I know if my unit is set to its optimal temperature?

An air conditioner’s optimum temperature is 25oC to 26oC. If you set at 1oC higher, this could lead to an increase of operating cost at up to 15%.

12. How often do I have to bring my unit for a service?

Residential air conditioner units should be cleaned around 3 to 4 times annually. Commercial units should be serviced once every month.

13. What causes ice to form on the pipes of the condenser?

Ice forms on the copper pipes of the condenser if:

  • The gas in the system is insufficient
  • Either the indoor blower is not rotating or the fancoil is not clean.

14. The unit switches on and off by itself and the indicator light just keeps on flashing.

The inbuilt electronic circuit board is faulty. It is then necessary to either repair or replace the board depending on the analysis of the technician.

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