Common Myths Facts on Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Common Myths & Facts on Aircon Servicing in Singapore

In Singapore’s sweltering climate, the reliance on air conditioners—not just as a luxury but as a necessity—is unmatched. Yet, amidst this high usage, many myths about aircon servicing persist.

This affects how we maintain our cooling units and impacts their efficiency and longevity. The truth is, proper servicing could save you from unexpected breakdowns and reduce energy consumption significantly.

From believing that constant low temperatures cool rooms quicker to thinking DIY maintenance suffices—many of these misconceptions could lead to higher bills or even health issues due to poor air quality.

Billy Aircon, with years of expertise in tackling the unique challenges posed by Singapore’s humidity and heat, stands ready to dispel these myths for you. Understanding when your unit needs professional attention or how often it should be serviced can make all the difference in enhancing your indoor environment while keeping energy costs down.

Let’s clear the air…

Key Takeaways

  • Getting your aircon checked every three months in Singapore keeps it working well and saves energy.
  • Setting the aircon to a very low temperature doesn’t make the room cool faster. It’s better to use a comfortable setting for steady cooling.
  • Using a fan with an air-conditioner can help spread cool air more evenly, but not always make you feel cooler.
  • The right place for installing your aircon helps it work better and save money on energy bills.
  • Choosing an air-conditioner is about more than just room size. Think about sunlight, people count, and electronics too.

Common Myths & Facts on Aircon Servicing

Many people think they know how to keep their air coolers working well. But, some ideas are wrong and can be costly.

Myth 1: Air coolers don’t need regular checks in Singapore. Fact: They need cleaning every few months to stop mould and save power.

Myth 2: Setting it very cold cools rooms quicker. Fact: It just makes the machine work harder, using more power without speeding up cooling.

Myth 3: Using a fan with your cooler is a waste. Fact: It spreads cold air faster, making the room feel cooler sooner.

Myth 4: You can put air coolers anywhere. Fact: Wrong placement can block airflow and make the system work poorly.

Myth 5: The size of your room doesn’t matter much for choosing a cooler. Fact: A too small or big machine will run inefficiently and hike up bills.

Myth 6: Fixing it yourself saves money. Fact: Without right skills,.

Myth 1: Air-conditioning servicing is not required in Singapore

Air-conditioning servicing in Singapore is crucial due to the hot, tropical climate. Experts recommend checking your aircon units every three months for efficient performance and long life.

Regular maintenance prevents energy wastage and keeps air quality high, important for reducing allergies and asthma triggers from dust and smoke in filters and ducts.

Myth 2: Lowest temperature is the fastest way to cool down your room

Setting your aircon to the lowest temperature doesn’t make your room cool faster. Your air conditioning unit works at a fixed speed. It’s like riding a bike; even if you pedal harder, you still move forward at the same pace until you reach your destination.

The thermostat in the unit manages how long it runs, not how fast it cools.

In Singapore’s hot climate, quickly cooling down a room sounds ideal. Yet, constantly using low temperatures strains your system and can lead to higher energy bills without speeding up cooling times.

For effective use, choose a comfortable setting on your thermostat and give it time. This approach ensures steady cooling and better energy efficiency.

Myth 3: Switching on both fan and air-conditioner

Many think using a fan with an air-conditioner cools a room faster and saves energy. This isn’t always true. The fan moves air around, making you feel cooler without lowering the room’s temperature.

So, if your goal is to cool the space quickly, this method doesn’t work as you might expect.

Billy Aircon has seen many cases in Singapore where clients use both appliances together. It can be effective for spreading cooled air more evenly in a room, which might let you set the air-conditioner at a higher temperature and reduce energy consumption slightly.

Yet, this only works well in certain conditions. If it’s very humid, using both can make moisture evaporation slower from your skin – making you feel warmer instead of cooler.

Myth 4: Air-conditioner can be installed in any location

Placing your air conditioner in the wrong spot can hurt its performance. You might think you can put it anywhere, but that’s not true. If it’s too close to heat sources or in a very dusty area, your machine will work harder and use more energy.

This extra effort means higher bills for you.

Billy Aircon knows where to install units for the best cool and low costs. The right spot keeps dust away from your air filters and stops big problems before they start. This care makes sure your rooms get cold fast without wasting power or money.

Myth 5: Only the area of your room decides your air-conditioner

Choosing the right air-conditioner for your room involves more than just considering its size. The layout of your room, how much sunlight it gets, and how many people usually are in it also play big roles.

For example, if your room faces the sun for most of the day, it will need a stronger cooling system to keep comfortable. More people means more body heat, so this increases the need for effective cooling.

Billy Aircon knows all these factors matter a lot. They suggest that besides square footage, you should think about windows’ sizes and directions, ceiling height, and even what electronic devices you have since they generate heat too.

Getting these details right helps ensure your service checks include everything needed for efficient operation and reduced energy consumption across Singapore’s varied indoor environments.

Myth 6: There is no risk in DIY servicing your air-conditioner

Trying to service your aircon by yourself seems easy and cost-saving. But, it carries risks you might not see. Your air conditioner has complex parts like evaporators and refrigerant gases.

Handling these without proper knowledge can harm the system or even cause injuries. Also, missing small issues during DIY checks can lead to bigger problems.

Billy Aircon’s team of experts brings over 25 years of experience in handling all sorts of air-conditioner services in Singapore. They know exactly what your unit needs for optimal performance and longevity.

Instead of risking damage or hurting yourself, trust professionals who ensure everything runs smoothly without any hassle.

For safe and efficient aircon servicing that keeps your unit running perfectly, contact Billy Aircon at [email protected].


1. How often should your aircon be serviced in Singapore?

At least once a year, you need to service your air conditioning system. For those with heavy use, every six months is better. This keeps it running smoothly and prevents dust build-up.

2. What’s the best way to maintain your aircon in Singapore?

Regular cleaning of filters and ensuring clear airflow are key. Also, check for water leaks or strange noises – signs it’s time for a professional look.

3. Is it true that DIY servicing on my air-conditioning unit is risk-free?

No, this is a myth. Without proper knowledge or tools, you could harm the system or yourself. Tasks like checking refrigerant levels or fixing internal components require an expert from places like Billy Aircon.

4. Can regular servicing improve my heating and cooling efficiency?

Yes! Servicing ensures all parts work well together, which can lower electricity bills by maintaining efficient operation.

5. Does anti-dust treatment during servicing make a difference?

Absolutely! It prevents dust and dirt from clogging up the system, improving air quality and unit longevity.

Remember: While some basic maintenance can be done at home – like cleaning filters – leave the complex stuff to professionals to avoid damage or injury.

Need help? Contact Billy Aircon at [email protected] for expert service tailored to your needs.