How to Choose between a Window and Split Air Conditioner

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There are a number of distinct differences between a window air conditioner and a split air conditioner. As a homeowner, you need to know about these differences and the pros and cons of each type, so that you can decide between the two from an informed perspective as it also affects your long term aircon servicing needs. Let’s first take a close look at each type.

About Window Air Conditioners

This type of air conditioner has a single unit to contain all the components. This is usually installed in the window of a home, hence the name – window air conditioner. A single unit includes the condenser, the compressor, and connecting pipes. This is why it is easy to install. You can even consider installing on your own. However, it is always a good idea to hire professionals for installations, aircon servicing and aircon repairs. Window models are also cost effective. They usually cost you around 40 percent less than a split system.

On the downside, window models consume more electricity and usually create a buzzing noise when in use. Moreover, a window unit occupies most parts of a window, allowing less natural light to enter into your room. The whole unit sits on a single base. This also involves a security risk, because robbers and thieves can easily remove the window unit from outside to break into your home.


• Low pricing – A wide variety of window units are available to suit almost every budget
• Ease of installation – A window air conditioner is a self-contained unit; thus no piping is required for its installation. The cost of installation is also low. When servicing of aircon is needed, it is also relatively lower cost.


Makes a noise – Because all components are contained in a single unit, you’ll hear a noise inside your room.
• Consumers more power
• Covers up your window, obstructs your outdoor view
• Involves a security risk

Split Air Conditioners

This type of air conditioner has two separate units. The outdoor unit contains the condenser and the compressor, while the indoor unit contains the fan coil. Split models are more expensive but help you save more on electricity in the long run. If you are looking for an attractive-looking air conditioner that would add to the beauty of your room, you can opt for this type of air conditioner.


• Minimal maintenance required – You simply need to clean the filters after every few months. If you choose to hire professionals for regular maintenance at a nominal cost.
• Adds to the beauty of your room – Split air conditioners are available in a variety of sleek designs. You can easily find one that complements your interior décor.
• Does not create noise – Compared to the window models, split models are extremely quiet.
• Consumes less electricity – This gives you a chance to save more in the long run


• Higher installation cost – The outdoor and the indoor compartments need to be connected with pipes. This requires spending time and money on installation.
• More expensive – Split models are more costly than window models

Now that you know the pros and cons of each type, it would be easier for you choose the right type for your home. Contact us at Billy Aircon to serve your aircon servicing and maintenance needs at the best service package.

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