How to Clean Your Aircon Drain

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If you have recently noticed water overflowing the condensate drain pan or a small pool of water forming under your aircon, this could be a sign of clogging in your aircon condensate drain. This also means that it is time to hire professionals for aircon service in Singapore. Read on to know why the aircon condensate drain gets clogged and how it is maintained or cleaned.

What causes clogging of your aircon condensate drain?

An air conditioner usually does three things to cool down your indoor environment. It sucks up the hot air from your room, cools down the air, and then releases the cool air back into the room. Once the hot air comes in the evaporator and generates condensation, it turns into water. The water is drained away through the condensate drain pan and condensate pipe out of the unit. However, without regular maintenance, dust and dirt may accumulate in the drain lines. Even mold and algae may grow inside the pipes and clog the drain. Consequently, you may notice increased humidity levels in your rooms and get a musty smell in and around your home.

Steps to take for cleaning your aircon condensate drain

  1. Turn off and unplug your air conditioner. This is the first thing you should do for your safety.
  2. Remove the access panel and locate the condensate drain pan. You will find it under the evaporator coil.
  3. Check whether water is overflowing from the pan. If yes, then may be the drain channel is clogged. You need to soak the water and the clean the pan with a dry cloth. You can also use soap with water for better cleaning.
  4. Now you need to use a vacuum cleaner to unclog the drain line. One good idea would be to vacuum from the end point of the drain opening located outside of your house. That way, you can pull out all the dirt, debris, and molds in the drain pipe, as well as eliminate any chance of blowing the dirt back into the drain pipe.
  5. Apply high pressure suction if required. It may take some time to remove all the dirt and dusts from the drain pipe. You should continue blowing the suction for at least one minute at one go and then check the canister every time to see how much of the dirt has been removed. Repeat the process several times until you are getting no dusts or dirt in the canister.
  6. The next step is to pour distilled vinegar solution in the drain pipes. Keep the solution there for at least one hour. This will help eliminate any stubborn rust or dust in the drain channel.
  7. Now you need to flush out the drain pipe with clean water. You can use your garden hose for this job. Flush water from the top of the pipe so that the water flow through the pipe and leave out the drain from the outside of your unit. Check for any issue with free flowing of the water.

An expert technician for aircon servicing usually takes the above steps to clean an aircon drain. It is always a good idea to get the drain pipes cleaned at regular intervals and do regular aircon servicing and maintenance.

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