How to Keep Your Home Cool when Your Aircon Breaks Down

Aircon servicing to keep cool during summer

Aircon failure – especially in the middle of warm seasons – could be a major source of frustration for you and your family members. Strangely enough, air conditioners usually break down during the hottest days of the season or when you are in mood to sit back and relax at home after a busy and hectic work week.

Of course, the first thing you should do is to seek professional help for an aircon servicing. However, if a technician is not readily available, you may need to live without your aircon for a few days. So here are some useful tips on how to stay cool without your aircon and also here are some tips to choose your aircon servicing company. 

Tips to Stay Cool without an Air Con

• Use your fans – Your ceiling fans and blower fans could be an alternative to your air conditioner, if you know how to use them during the summer. For instance, one good idea would be to set you ceiling fans to run counter clockwise. That way, you can pull up the hot air, making room for the cool air to circulate underneath. You can also use a paddle fan to blow out the hot air from the inside of your room.

When the hot air is evacuated from your room, it helps lower the indoor air pressure, thereby pulling in cool air from outside. However, this technique works only if the outside air temperature is lower than the indoor air temperature. Another good idea would be to position a container full of cold water or ice cubes in front of the fan, so that the blowing air touches upon the ice cubes and cold water, and lowers the temperature of the room.

• Minimize indoor heat generation – It’s already quite hot inside your rooms; and you don’t want to worsen the situation by generating more heat. A few housekeeping changes can go a long way to minimize your indoor heat generation. For instance, you should avoid using your washing machine or dryer as much as possible – especially during the day. Cooking also generates a lot of heat.

You cannot stop cooking, but you can minimize the use of gas ovens or stoves. As an alternative, consider using closed systems like a microwave. One good idea would be focus more on natural recipes and readymade foods like salads and fruit juices. Also, make sure you do not use electrical devices if not required and keep them unplugged when they are not in use.

• Lower the shades – If you allow too much sunlight to enter your rooms, it can increase your indoor temperature. It is important shut the curtains in your doors and windows to prevent the heat waves from entering your rooms. Also consider lowering the shades and closing any cracks and crevices in the walls. That way, you can keep your indoor temperature lower than the outdoor temperature. Avoid using black or any dark colored curtains in the windows. This could be counter productive because dark colors usually absorb heat. Alternatively, consider using white or light-colored curtains.

While the above tips will help make your home cooler, you know there is no long-term alternative to your air conditioner. So contact an experienced technician to repair your aircon as soon as possible.