How to Save Money on Air Conditioning

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In a tropical country like Singapore, air conditioning accounts for a large percentage of household electricity bills. However, that does not mean you need to sweat out the summer months with your ACs turned off. Thankfully, there are many alternative ways to save money on air conditioning. For instance, regular aircon servicing helps improve the unit’s energy efficiency. Here are some useful tips.

Top 6 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

1. Prevent outside air from entering into the room – Make sure that you close the doors and windows of your room before turning on your AC. The idea is to prevent hot outside air from entering into the room. For best results, consider sealing any gaps in the doors and windows to completely air-tight the room. This helps to lower electricity consumption, because the cool air inside the room does not find a way outside and thus helps maintain a low temperature inside the room, putting less pressure on your air conditioning system.

2. Use fluorescent light bulbs – If you are currently using incandescent light bulbs, consider switching to fluorescent, because the former not only consumes more electricity but also emits a small amount heat, which may increase your room temperature, and thus your cooling expenses.

3. Use heavy curtains – One good idea would be to hang long, heavy curtains to cover your windows and doors. In this way, you can put an additional layer to restrict the entry of heat inside your rooms, even when the windows are not closed and the AC is not in use.

4. Use ceiling fans – As much as possible, use ceiling fans as an alternative to ACs. Ceiling fans consume a fraction of the energy, but still help keep your rooms cool and well-ventilated. Of course, there are situations where ACs has no alternative, but ceiling fans can supplement the cooling effects.

5. Clean or replace the AC filters regularly – Clogged filters obstruct air flow to the evaporator coils and eventually lower your AC’s cooling efficiency. This means that you may need to pay higher electricity bills to get the same cooling effects. You should clean the filters almost every month with water and detergent. Also, consider replacing the damaged filters whenever required.

6. Get professional help – One way to lower your air conditioning costs is by getting your ACs cleaned, maintained, and serviced by professionals on a regular basis. You can easily hire professionals for aircon servicing in Singapore. Depending on the age and condition of your AC, a professional technician may recommend chemical cleaning, installation of a new thermostat, or replacement of some new parts in the system. It is always a good idea to seek professional guidance.

You can take many other steps to reduce your air conditioning bill. For instance, using a microwave oven would help you reduce heat from cooking. You may also consider planting trees around your house to lower overall temperature in and around your house. If you choose to hire a professional aircon maintenance service in Singapore, consider selecting a company that has years of experience in the business.