Installation Frequently Asked Questions

Aircon Installation FAQs

1. How to choose an air conditioning system for the house in Singapore?

There are 4 areas of consideration to choose an aircon and aircon services in in Singapore:

  1. Consider the areas required for air conditioning.
  2. Consider the cooling space and power required.
  3. Determine the brand and type of aircon you desire. For example, the aircon servicing efficiency.
  4. Consider your budget.

2. How to determine on the power capacity required?

Generally, use the simple equation below to calculate the amount of power required for a room/space:

Area (length x breath) x 65 = BTU/hr

Example: Room (10 ft x 10 ft) x 65 = 6500BTU/hr

Take the BTU/hr and multiple it with 0.000293 to convert it to KWh (energy unit used in Singapore utility system)

This means that in 1 hour, aircon will require 6500BTU of energy which is about 1.9KWh (6500 x 0.000293) of energy.

3. Which air conditioner brand is better and causes fewer problems?

There are many brands of aircon in Singapore and each brand has a few models which are very good. However, Billy Aircon does not recommend any brand in particular. One important point to note it, besides getting a good aircon model, installation plays a vital role too. Billy Aircon provides premium aircon services like installation and maintenance at the best price which ensure the longevity of your aircon and making sure it performs efficiently.

4. What does an inverter air conditioner means?

An inverter aircon consists of an inverter circuit which helps to balance and regulate the workload of the compressor. At such, the compressor will work more efficiency and helps to reduce on the electrical bills.

5. What is the difference between a window unit and a split system?

A window unit, as its name suggests, are a single unit that is installing in any wall or window opening. All the components required for the aircon to function is packaged in it. Hence, no piping in required for its installation. A split unit consists of an outdoor (external) compressor unit and an indoor (internal) fan coil. The fan coil unit (FCU) helps to cool the room while the external compressor cools the surrounding air and provides it to the FCU. Hence, piping is required for installation. A multi-spilt unit consists of an outdoor compressor and more than 1 FCU. It enables cooling of multiple rooms simultaneously.

Generally, the two main key differences between a window unit and a split/multi-spilt unit are:

  1. Window unit requires more electricity to operate, hence are generally incur a higher monthly electrical bill.
  2. Because of the way a window unit is designed, it generates more noise during operation.

6. How long does an air conditioner installation takes?

It takes between 4 to 6 hours depending on the scale of the installation.

7. How long is the warranty period?

Usually, an aircon is warranty for ONE year and its compressor for FIVE years.

8. What is the average life span of a residential air conditioner?

With professional aircon servicing and installation, an aircon can last about 6-7 years. Billy Aircon provides professional aircon servicing and installation services to ensure that your aircon can last as long as possible.

To learn more about the common questions on the maintenance and installation of aircon, visit the FAQ section.