An Introduction To The Singapore Philatelic Museum And What It’s All About

Are you a stamp collector? If so, you are going to love the Singapore Philatelic Museum. Stamp collectors worldwide come to see this museum and visit its store. Not only that, but it’s a favorite place of interest for anyone traveling to Singapore, as it’s ranked in the top 100 things to do in the country out of nearly 850 attractions. You want to put this museum on your list of stops.

The building used to be a school when it was first constructed. Have you heard when this building was constructed? It was built at the beginning of the 20th century in the year 1906. After it was a school, it didn’t become the Philatelic Museum right away. As a matter of fact, the building didn’t become the museum until 1995. What was it after the school?

It was a Methodist Book Room starting in the 70s. When it became the Philatelic Museum, it had to be restored at that point of course. It was mentioned that the museum opened in 1995, and the exact date was August 19th. The museum not only has permanent galleries in place, but it also has changing exhibitions as well.Singapore Philatelic Museum

It was said that this museum is for stamp lovers. Are you familiar with the word ‘Philately?’ It means the study of postal history and of course stamps, and in this case, it is in relation to the country Singapore. If you think about it, it would seem that it’s quite impressive that a museum about postal history and stamps has changing exhibitions.

First, the traveling exhibitions are said to be from overseas. That is really neat. Then there are also changing exhibitions that commemorate new stamp issues. That’s really cool, too. Then there are those private collections that are sometimes on display at the museum. Perhaps you want to travel there and find out if you can lend them your private collection to be put on display.

Of course you would need to have quite a collection for sure. Maybe you are just starting out, and in that case, you really can’t wait to see what they have at the Singapore Philatelic Museum. And don’t forget to stop by the stamp shop. Can you imagine what all they have there? It would be neat to browse the store and see all the unique stamps that you might not be able to get back home.

The Singapore Philatelic Museum is on Coleman Street, and it is right close by the fire station and next to the Masonic Club. Who knows what special exhibitions will be there once you get to the museum since they are always changing. The permanent exhibits don’t change of course, and so it would be interesting to study up on those before you get there. Or you could just be surprised along with the changing exhibits. You don’t need to be a stamp lover to appreciate the Singapore Philatelic Museum and all that it has to offer its visitors.

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