Mistakes You Need to Avoid for Aircon

Mistakes You Need to Avoid for Aircon

Air conditioners, known as aircon in Singapore, are essential for battling the relentless humidity and heat. Yet, many owners make avoidable mistakes that can shorten their unit’s lifespan or lead to costly repairs.

Proper use and routine maintenance aren’t just suggestions; they’re necessary for efficient cooling and energy consumption.

Neglecting your air conditioner’s care—like forgetting regular service checks or misusing the thermostat—could spell trouble. Billy Aircon specialises in keeping your unit running smoothly, with a team ready round-the-clock for emergencies in Singapore’s unique climate.

Understanding these common pitfalls ensures your air conditioning system remains effective without unnecessary expense. Learn what not to do… Keep reading to protect your comfort and wallet.

Key Takeaways

  • Change your aircon filters every three months to keep air clean and the unit working well.
  • Use your thermostat wisely to save energy and avoid putting too much strain on the air conditioning system.
  • Regular checks and maintenance by professionals, like Billy Aircon, prevent big problems and high costs later.
  • Don’t turn your air conditioner on and off too much or let it run non-stop; both habits can cause damage.
  • Listen for strange noises from your unit as they might signal a need for urgent repairs.

Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Skipping regular checks and cleaning for your aircon is a sure path to trouble. Dirty filters block the flow of clean air, making your unit work harder. This extra effort uses more energy and reduces the unit’s life span.

Experts recommend changing these filters every three months. Also, dirty coils can cause similar problems, leading to costly repairs or even complete system failure.

Billy Aircon knows that in Singapore’s hot and humid climate, yearly maintenance isn’t just helpful—it’s necessary. Without it, you might face low refrigerant levels or clogged filters which hurt your aircon’s performance.

A scheduled chemical wash by professionals keeps your system running smoothly. Avoid letting neglect turn into a bigger problem that impacts both comfort and costs.

Incorrectly Using the On/Off Switch

Turning your aircon on and off too often puts a lot of stress on the compressor and fan. This not only wears them out faster but also uses more energy. At Billy Aircon, we’ve seen how this mistake can lead to bigger problems and higher bills for our customers.

It’s better to keep the aircon running during hot days instead of switching it off after short periods. Ceiling fans can help move cool air around your room, making the most of your air conditioner’s work.

Another point is about not using your air-conditioner for a long time. When you leave it off too long, turning it back on suddenly can strain the system. To avoid issues, run your cooling unit regularly, even if just for a short while, especially before heavy use in summer months.

This keeps everything working smoothly and prevents sudden breakdowns when you need cooling the most.

Letting the Aircon Run Continuously

Keeping your aircon on all the time makes it work too hard. This means more repairs and higher energy bills. Your unit might not cool rooms properly if it’s too small yet runs non-stop.

For better results, use a programmable thermostat to manage temperatures efficiently.

Only turn on your cooling units when needed. Use fans during cooler days to save energy. Remember, an efficient air-conditioning system uses about 20 BTU per square foot. Check that yours matches room size for top efficiency without running it constantly.

Ignoring Strange Noises or Signs of Trouble

Ignoring odd sounds or signals from your aircon is a mistake. These hints often tell you something is wrong. Maybe the cooling system struggles, or parts inside are wearing out. Billy Aircon encounters many air conditioners with issues left too long.

This leads to bigger problems.

Your air conditioning unit keeps you cool and comfortable. So, if it starts making noises like banging or hissing, don’t wait. Strange noises mean it’s time for a check-up by experts like those at Billy Aircon.

They’ve dealt with every sort of problem in their years of service, from simple fixes to complex issues needing detailed work. Acting fast saves money and keeps your system running well.

Forgetting to Check and Clean Aircon Filters Regularly

Aircon filters trap airborne contaminants to keep your indoor air clean. Not cleaning them regularly can hurt both air quality and your unit’s efficiency.

  1. High-quality filters with higher MERV ratings catch smaller particles better. They need checking every month.
  2. Air pollution in your area affects how often you should replace the filter. Experts say do it every three months.
  3. Dirty filters force aircon units to work harder, using more energy and increasing bills.
  4. Reduced airflow from clogged filters leads to poor cooling and heating performance.
  5. A clean filter ensures efficient dehumidification, keeping the indoor environment comfortable.
  6. Keeping filters clean helps prevent unnecessary strain on the HVAC system, avoiding costly repairs.
  7. Regular filter maintenance ensures your air conditioning unit runs smoothly, saving energy and money in the long run.
  8. Clean filters improve indoor air quality, protecting health by reducing pollutants and contaminants.
  9. Checking and cleaning your aircon’s filters can extend its life, making it a simple yet effective care practice.
  10. Last, not maintaining filters can result in emergency aircon issues that require immediate attention from professionals like Billy Aircon.

By focusing on these steps, you ensure better performance and a longer lifespan for your air conditioning systems while maintaining high indoor air quality.

Improperly Setting the Thermostat

Setting your thermostat too low causes high energy use and extra strain on your air conditioning unit. This mistake can lead to higher bills every month. Programmable thermostats help save money by keeping the temperature just right, avoiding unnecessary cooling costs.

Billy Aircon’s experts have seen many cases where poor thermostat settings result in uneven cooling across rooms. They stress that proper maintenance of programmable or electronic thermostats is key for efficient heating and cooling units.

With years of experience, they ensure your system runs smoothly, making sure you avoid common pitfalls like this one.

Conclusion: Best Practices for Aircon Care

Avoid common mistakes to keep your aircon working well and save money. Check and clean filters often. Don’t let it run all day or ignore odd noises. Use the on/off switch correctly and set the thermostat wisely.

This helps your unit last longer, cuts energy costs, and keeps rooms comfortable. Billy Aircon’s team, with 25 years of experience, stands ready to help homes and offices in Singapore.

For top-notch service at good prices, email us at [email protected] today.


1. Why should you not leave your aircon off for too long?

Leaving it off lets dust and dirt clog the filters, reducing airflow and efficiency. Turn it on regularly to keep parts working well.

2. What happens if you switch your aircon on and off too often?

Frequent switching strains the system, leading to breakdowns. It’s better to maintain a steady temperature.

3. Can renewable energy sources power air conditioners?

Yes, solar panels and wind turbines can provide clean electricity for aircons, making them more eco-friendly.

4. Why is proper ventilation important for air conditioning units?

Good ventilation ensures efficient air flow, keeping energy use down and indoor air quality high.

5. How does ignoring filtration affect your unit?

Not cleaning or replacing filters makes your unit work harder, increasing energy bills and reducing its lifespan.

6. What are the benefits of using energy-efficient models?

They use less power, save money on bills, and help fight climate change by lowering carbon emissions.

Remember these points: Keep your unit clean, don’t switch it on and off too much, explore greener energy options like solar photovoltaic systems or microgrids for powering your system; ensure good room ventilation for optimal performance; choose models with high minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) ratings for better filtration; opt for energy-efficient designs to cut costs and protect the environment.

For expert care of your cooling system,, reach out to Billy Aircon at [email protected] today!