Mistakes to Avoid when Installing a Window AC in Singapore

Common Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid
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Installing a window air conditioner is not rocket science in Singapore. You can do it yourself, but be sure to avoid some common installation mistakes. The performance and longevity of your AC depends largely on how well you install and maintain it. Getting the job done by a Singapore HVAC professional is always a good idea, as it helps you save on aircon repair and/or aircon servicing expenses in the long run.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional service, it helps if you know about some common installation mistakes and how to avoid those.

Common Air Conditioner Installation Mistakes

1. Choosing a wrong size – Many homeowners make this mistake. They don’t choose the size in accordance with the room that needs to be cooled. Contrary to a common misconception, bigger is not always better. An oversized AC will almost always have a problem in reducing humidity and maintaining uniform temperature inside the room. A larger air conditioner running in a smaller room turns on and off more frequently and thus consumes more electricity than a smaller unit running for a longer period does. For the best results, calculate the size of the room and choose the size of your window AC unit accordingly. You can also get advice from a HVAC professional.


2. Choosing a wrong window – It is important to install the unit in a window that is in the shade. Remember that direct sunlight may affect the cooling efficiency of your AC. Also, make sure that the window is close to a power board, so that you can easily plug in the unit.
3. Not sealing the area around the AC – You need to prevent the hot outside air from entering into your home, and the cool air inside from escaping outside. Many homeowners do not bother sealing the area around the AC. This could be a costly mistake. Even a small gap in the window may defeat the purpose of using an air conditioner, and make your AC more susceptible to wear and tear and breakdowns. One good idea would be to fill the area around the air conditioner with stiff paper or pasteboard. It would be great if you can wrap the pasteboard in aluminum foil and seal it with duct tape. This will not only fill the area around the AC, but the aluminum foil on the pasteboard would help reflect the heat away.
4. Not installing the unit securely – Failure to install an air conditioner securely is another common mistake. This may cause serious accidents and the consequences could be devastating. Make sure the unit has got enough support from underneath and is properly attached with angles and metal brackets. Also check whether the window where the air conditioner will be installed is in a good condition. You may also need to use wedges or shims to level the unit properly.
Ideally, you should tilt the Aircon unit a little to facilitate water drainage, but make sure that do not over-tilt. Proper installation and regular maintenance will help you avoid costly aircon repair services in the long run.

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