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Whether you live in a warmer climate or not, the nights can be very uncomfortable. So, if the humidity and heat is keeping you up at night and leaving you tired for the next day, it just might be time to power up that air conditioner. When you sleep with your air conditioner in the night, it ensures that you have a cool and relaxing nights rest. Read on as we dive into the most optimum temperature for sleeping in the night.

How Important Is The Best Temperature For Night Sleep?

If you didn’t already know, both sleep and your body temperature are deeply connected due to our biological makeup. The body’s natural temperature is affected when your internal temperature is either hot or cold. Several scientific studies have resulted in the popular belief that the quality and amount of sleep you have each night is dependent on the temperature of your body.

In essence, this just simply means that the space in which you’re sleeping needs to be comfortable enough for you to have the best sleep of your life. This also plays a huge role in the overall quality of your sleep each night. The following serves to explain how your sleep cycle can be regulated by your body temperature.

During any regular day, your body temperature usually fluctuates without any real signs. This is done via the brain and at night time during the winding down period, the natural temperatures will decrease. In this way, the body helps itself with bringing in the sleep cycle. However, many of us tend to overheat every now and again.

Have you ever wondered why temperature changes make you wake up during the night? The simplest answer to this is that during random eye movements in sleep, the body not only saves memories but it also repairs itself and it turns off the regulating system within the brain. This leads to the room temperature being our only source of temperature regulation during the night.

As a result, it becomes even more important that we sleep in a cool and comfortable space that’s set to the right temperature. This leads to the perfect recipe for deep and nourishing sleep at night and you’ll sleep for the entire night in complete bliss. So, if you’re not sleeping at the right temperature, you’ll run the risk of fostering very poor sleeping habits.

This often leaves us with tons or irregular hours of poor sleep and a bad mood the next day. Over time, this negatively impacts our overall health and just about everything that can go wrong will start going wrong.

Best Air Conditioner Temperature For Night Sleep

Before you can jump in and have the best night sleep, you should know that each person has their own desired degree of temperature that suits them. Comfortable temperatures are simply dependent on the comfort level that is desired. Industry experts suggest that cooler temperatures work much better than that of warmer temperatures.

Cooler temperatures ensure that the body’s core temperature drops successfully. The most ideal temperature for sleeping at night is 25 degrees Celsius. So, if you’re setting that air conditioner for a great nights rest, we recommend the mentioned temperature. However, the sleep mode function of your air conditioner allows the following:

  • When your air conditioner is turned on, the invertors work tirelessly to ensure that your selected temperature is reached.
  • After the temperature is reached, the inverter works less as the power is decreased to consume much less energy. This allows your body to be in perfect harmony as you sleep in an ideal temperature.
  • Additionally, your air conditioner also increases the temperature every four hours by just half of a degree to allow you to wake up in the most ideal space possible.

On the markets thus far, there are several models that work with intelligent sensors. This means that they sense movement in your room and they create a more improved environment as you toss and turn.

How Does Smart Sensing Technology Work?

  • Your AC will automatically increase the temperature to half of a degree for each passing hour. This warms the room a bit.
  • If for some reason the AC detects movement or you’re disturbed during sleep, the temperature will decrease. This serves to ease you into a deeper sleep.
  • When it knows that you’re returned to a comfortable space, the temperature will rise once more before shutting off.

Advancements within the industry have led to the development of these smart devices. They are becoming smarter and smarter to work in perfect harmony with the temperature in your body. This allows you to sleep more soundly. When you use these functions in the air conditioner, the quality of your sleep increases and your optimum room temperature becomes more and more soothing giving you the most revitalising sleep of your life.


If you’re aiming for the perfect amount of sleep at night, the temperature of your room will need to be comfortable. Better quality sleep ensures that your health and wellbeing is in a good place. So, the next time you’re planning to sleep at night, don’t forget the air conditioner and your family will thank you for taking their best interest at heart.

Sleep is essential if you’re intending to have a happy and productive day. When you sleep at the optimum temperatures, your body will be happy since it will be able to properly repair itself after a long day. If you’re looking for the best sleep during the hotter months, the following is recommended:

So, if you’re looking for the best night sleep, don’t forget to set your air conditioner to 25 degrees Celsius and your body will be thanking you for a lifetime!

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