A quick guide to the National Gallery Museum in Singapore

Considered the most recent and the crowning achievement of Singapore’s arts culture, the National Gallery of Singapore is a brand new visual arts center with collections of modern art treasures from Singapore and Southeast Asia. The National Gallery of Singapore, a collection of unique art, cultural heritage and historical artwork that specializes in Singapore and Southeast Asia, is one of Singapore’s must-see attractions.

Brief overview of the National Gallery in Singapore

The museum is a highlight of the transformation of colonial buildings into modern architecture. The former mayor’s office and the highest court were renovated and linked together. Around 800 works are collected here. And there are over decade’s worth of art in the collection, with over 8,000 works of modern Southeast Asian art to show. The highlight of the collection includes: the historic meeting rooms and offices have been preserved. The golden canopy of the entrance gate extends over the roof terrace.National Gallery Museum

Brief History of the National Gallery Museum:

The National Gallery of Singapore, located in the center of the civic district, is a retrofit of Singapore’s historic landmark memorial buildings, the former City Hall and the former Supreme Court Building. Even though these two buildings have been converted into advanced museums open to the public, the relevant departments are still adopting strict protection measures to ensure that the monuments of these two countries are well maintained. The National Gallery covers an area of 64,000 square meters and is Singapore’s largest visual arts palace and one of the largest visual art venues in Southeast Asia.

What else is there to do at the National Gallery?

National Gallery Singapore’s main point is not just the works of art. The garden on the roof is an open spot where you can see the landmark in this area such as Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer. There is also a popular “Aura Sky Lounge” outdoor seating, so after art appreciation, you can also enjoy a luxurious tea time while enjoying a spectacular view.

Another recommendation is that you should check out the museum shop “Gallery & Co” on the first floor. In addition to museum-only items, it is also recommended for souvenirs where there are a lot of items such as children’s clothes, Singapore’s themed souvenirs, art galleries novelty items, etc. that are different from other products, such as fashionable wear and accessories.

How to get to the National Gallery?

The nearest station is MRT City Hall. From there you will arrive at the museum around about 5 minutes on foot. There was an arcade on the way to the museum, so it may be easy to see if it is a landmark. When you arrive at the museum, you will be amazed by the huge thing anyway with its appearance, without having to enter the entrance. In this museum, you will learn that the place where the first prime minister Lee Kuan Yew declared its independence in 1965 is inside of the building. And the building used as the Supreme Court in the past.

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