Should You Repair Or Replace Your Aircon?

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If your aircon is malfunctioning, or if it won’t run at all, you have an important decision ahead of you. You’ll have to decide whether it would be better to have your, or if you should replace the unit outright. The right decision depends on your unique circumstances, which is why you should ask yourself these questions before proceeding.

How Old Is The System You’re Currently Using?

The lifespan of an aircon is limited. In most cases, a unit will need to be replaced within 15 to 25 years. If the aircon hasn’t been properly maintained, its lifespan could be as short as 10 years.

If your system is older, it’s likely that it will need to be replaced soon. Rather than pay for repairs and replacement, you may be better off if you choose to have it replaced now.

Has The Unit Been Properly Maintained?

If you’ve been working to keep your aircon in good condition and have been giving it the maintenance that it needs, repairing the unit is likely to be a smart choice. However, if you’ve been neglecting maintenance, it’s possible that your unit is damaged in more ways than one.

A lack of proper care can put significant strain on an aircon. You may find that it’s better to replace your unit and put more effort into maintenance once the new unit has been installed. An aircon will not be able to efficiently cool a home without regular servicing.

What Are Repairs Likely To Cost?

If you’re weighing your options, you may want to compare the likely cost of repairs to the cost of installing a replacement unit. If you are comparing prices, it’s wise to make sure you have the full picture. You shouldn’t just look at how much you would be spending up front. You should also look at what you would be saving over time.

Newer aircon models are more likely to be energy efficient, which means the cost of utilities will be lowered. If you subtract the cost of repairs from the cost of a replacement, and you look at what you’ll be saving over time, you may find that replacement is a cost-effective option.

Is Your Current System Serving Your Needs?

How well has your current aircon been meeting your needs? If you were satisfied with your system before these problems began, it’s likely that you’ll continue to be happy with the unit after repairs have been carried out.

However, if you were already having issues with your system, you may find that it’s best to install a system that’s more suitable for you. Take the time to determine why your current aircon isn’t working for you and start looking at better options.

Do You Plan On Staying In Your Current Home?

Are you planning on moving house in the near future? If you’re not going to be living in your home in the next few years, it may not make sense to invest in a new aircon. After all, you won’t be able to enjoy your new unit for long.

If you’re planning to stay put, however, it’s wise to at least consider replacements. You could be using a new aircon for decades. It could wind up being a real asset to your home.

Are You Interested In New Technology?

There have been some impressive technological advances in recent years. Smart technology is on the rise. If you’re interested in smart home tech, and you’d like to have a smart aircon in your home, now might be the right time for you to install one.

If your aircon needs a lot of repair work, this could be an opportunity for you. You could replace your old aircon with a unit with a number of state-of-the-art features. If this technology isn’t a draw for you, however, you may find that repairs are best.

Do You Have A Mismatched System?

Many aircon systems actually consist of two separate units. It’s possible for only one of these units to be replaced, leaving you with a system that is mismatched. If you have a mismatched system in your home, it’s likely that it’s having an impact on the efficiency of your aircon.

A system will run more efficiently when both units are designed to work together. Check to see if your current system is mismatched. If it is, you may find that it’s better to replace both units and install a new, more efficient system.

Are There AC Repair Deals Available?

In some cases, you may find that the cost of aircon replacement is lower than you think. In other cases, there may be ways for you to save money on aircon repair work. No matter what, you’ll want to check to see if there are any deals available before making a decision.

If you’re able to get an excellent deal on replacement now, you may want to take advantage of that, even if you won’t need to replace your unit for a few more years. By the same token, if professionals are willing to repair your unit at a fair price, you may want to take them up on that offer.

What Do Experts Recommend?

If you’re not sure what your next step should be, you should have your aircon assessed by a professional. They’ll be able to tell you more about the problems you’re dealing with and what your next step should be.

Whether those experts advise you to replace your old unit or recommend repairs, you should listen to their advice. Professionals look at aircons regularly, and if they’re giving you a particular recommendation, you can safely assume that it’s for a good reason. Always take expert opinions on board when making a decision.

It can be difficult to determine whether an aircon should be repaired or replaced. If you’re having issues, and you’re trying to decide on your best option, ask yourself the questions above. Make sure that you find a solution that will keep your home comfortable and cool.

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