Servicing Frequently Asked Questions

Aircon Servicing FAQ

1. Why is the room not cold enough?

There are several reasons and they are:

  1. Dirty Filter
  2. Aircon temperate set too high
  3. Area capacity for aircon cooling is too large (i.e. not enough aircon units to cool the entire
  4. Thermostat is faulty
  5. Not enough compressor gas
  6. Refrigerant leakage
  7. Components of aircon may be faulty

Regular aircon servicing in Singapore (at least once per year) is advised so as to avoid such occurrences.

2. Why is the aircon leaking water?

There are 2 main reasons for this:

  1. Wear and tear area)
  2. Poor Installation (Some common Installation FAQ)

Pipe between fan coil and drainage for outflow of condensed water is blocked or clogges by dirt. The gradient of the piping between the fan coil and drainage is too gentle causing leakage.

3. Why is that water dripping from the outdoor condenser / compressor?

It is absolutely normal for this to happen as the condenser cools the surrounding warm air.

4. Why no water tray must be placed underneath an aircon?

No trays should be place underneath an aircon unit so as to prevent mosquito breeding.

5. Why does the aircon produce a foul smell?

This is due to the surrounding smell of the environment (eg furnitures, smoke from cigarettes, food) which is being absorbed into the aircon unit. Please contact your aircon service provider for servicing and repair if your air conditioner generates foul smell.You may want to contact Billy Aircon for a free aircon servicing consultation in Singapore.

6. Why is my air conditioner noisy?

The aircon evaporator coil may be dirty. Please contact your aircon service provider for servicing and repair.

7. Why is the fan coil unit still operating when the condenser is not?

The fan coil unit and condenser operate independently. The fan coil transfer the cooled air from the condenser to your room while the condenser cools the air. Hence, even if the condenser is faulty, the fan coil will since transfer the air for the condenser to the room.

8. What happen if I do not do any aircon servicing?

Your aircon may not last as long as it could. Billy Aircon would advise aircon servicing in Singapore for at least once a year.

9. How often should I service my air-con?

As mentioned in throughout this FAQ, a minimum of once a year of aircon servicing is required.

10. Can I DIY the general aircon services myself?

You could if you are technically trained. However, it would be best to contact your aircon servicing provider so as to ensure your air conditioners are thoroughly serviced and checked. Billy Aircon provides professional aircon maintenance services in Singapore to ensure that your air conditioner is properly and best maintained.

11. Can I do my own chemical flushing?

We do not advise you to do that yourself as a lot of dismantling is required. If not done properly, many other problems may occur.

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