What Is The Sleep Mode On Your Air Conditioner And What Are Its Benefits

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Air conditioners have lots of features you probably don’t know how to make good use of. Most people only want to set their units to target a certain room temperature and then forget about that. Nevertheless, they may be missing out on some advanced functions that would allow them to save electricity without any compromise on their comfort. Modern systems are designed to help you maintain a cozy indoor environment by adjusting the flow and the temperature to different situations. Let’s see what the sleep mode on your air conditioner is and how you can benefit from it.

Modern air conditioners feature a special function that’s called The Sleep mode. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use it only during night time, while you sleep. In fact, this function works by increasing the thermostat temperature by 0.5 or 1 degree after every hour of functioning. Depending on the brand and model, this adjustment range is capped to a temperature increase of 2 or 3 degrees and it can help you save quite a lot on your monthly electricity bill. This setting is indeed designed to be used during the night, as our body requires less cooling once we’ve fallen asleep. Since we can’t alter the target temperature while we sleep, we waste money with each and every hour the air conditioner struggles to maintain this low-temperature value throughout the whole night. Thanks to automation and advanced technology, these smart air conditioners can gradually increase the temperature setting to save energy without affecting our comfort and without waking us up.

Some may say that you don’t really need this function, since you can schedule your air conditioner to stop after a specific period of time. However, by doing so, you risk to wake up during the night because of the steep increase of the room temperature. Besides, some AC units make such a loud noise when they stop, that they can wake you up. If you have problems falling asleep, you’re doomed to spend the night counting sheep. On the other hand, turning off the air conditioner just before falling asleep may not always work. If you manage to fall asleep right after you press the stop button on your remote, everything will be fine. What if you can’t fall asleep in a split second? Within a few minutes, you’ll feel hot, so you’ll want to start your air conditioner again, in order to cool the air in your bedroom.

On most air conditioner models, the Sleep Mode feature is very easy to activate by pressing a dedicated button on the remote control. Some brands allow you to set the increase of the temperature, while others come with a default setting you can’t modify. If you are interested in more flexibility, you should check this out with the vendor before buying your air conditioner. Take time to compare this feature on different brands and models, in order to make the right purchasing decision for you. The time spent on research will be well-worth it, as you’ll be more satisfied with your purchase.

The first and foremost benefit of the sleep mode is therefore the energy saving. Since more and more people have a hard time at making ends meet before the end of the month, it comes without saying that such opportunities to decrease your monthly bills are more than welcome. The best thing about this function is that it allows you to enjoy the sleeping temperature you’ve been used to. Once you fall asleep, you don’t need this cool environment any longer, so why not adjust it to save some money while you sleep?

Another benefit of the sleep mode is the increased comfort it provides you. If you are like most people, you sometimes wake up by dawn, feeling cold and seeking for a thicker blanket. This is a normal phenomenon and it occurs to most people. By having your air temperature automatically increase every hour, you won’t feel cold in the morning, as you approach the wake-up time. You’ll enjoy a more restful sleep, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of a new day, and you’ll also save some money in the process.

Some advanced models of air conditioners are fitted with motion detection sensors to help you enjoy better sleep. These sensors can detect whether you’re sleeping peacefully or not, being therefore able to adjust the temperature to suit your status. The air conditioning unit will follow your sleeping cycles and will improve your sleeping patterns by adjusting the room temperature accordingly. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling great and well-rested.

As you can see, the first and foremost benefit of the sleep mode on your air conditioner is the regulation of the sleeping temperature for minimum energy consumption and maximum comfort. Thanks to this feature, you can wake up every morning to a comfortable temperature, perfectly regulated to suit the needs of your body. Your monthly energy bills will be lower, but you won’t feel that you’ve had to give up on your comfort to achieve this goal of cutting your expenses.

Last but not least, setting the air conditioner on sleep mode for the night allows even sensitive individuals who have problems falling asleep and staying asleep overnight to enjoy a better environment. Less noise and fewer sleeping disruptions are the key elements that can ensure a good night rest to most people.

This is the sleep mode in a nutshell. Whether you need it or not, only you can tell. If your air conditioner already has this feature, just try it for one week to see for yourself how good it is. If you’re currently shopping around for a new air conditioner, consider doing some in-depth research work to find out whether such advanced features would suit you and your family. Also, make sure they suit your budget, as modern technology doesn’t come cheap. The best AC units are also the most expensive, so you have to ensure you do afford them.

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