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The aircon compressor is the heart of an air conditioner, and any serious defect in this component may cost you a fortune. Thankfully, aircon compressor failures are less common than the other types of air conditioner problems. However, many a time, defects in some other parts of an air conditioner are misdiagnosed as a compressor failure. This is why it is always a good idea for a user to know the common signs of compressor problems, and how to go about fixing those issues.

Knowing the basics would help you decide when to hire professionals for Singapore aircon servicing. It could be even possible for you to troubleshoot some minor problems on your own. So here’s a look at some common compressor problems.

Aircon Not cooling enough

There are number of reasons why an air conditioner loses its cooling efficiency, and one of the reasons could be any defect in your compressor. For instance, your air conditioner may have a problem in maintaining the right pressure inside the compressor, due to the disparity between the suction pressure and discharge pressure.

Aircon Hard starting

If you notice your unit is turning off and on frequently, there could be a problem in its compressor. Hard starting takes a toll on the unit’s cooling efficiency. This can also affect your unit’s dehumidifying capacity. Moreover, every time your compressor starts, it consumes a lot of energy. As a result, you may end up spending more on your energy bills. Remember, however, that compressor failure is only one of the reasons for hard starting. There are many other reasons. Sometimes, the problem could be as simple as a blown fuse or a frayed wire. Once you notice your unit turning on and off frequently, you should first check the fuse and wiring. If everything seems okay, but the problem persists, consider calling an aircon professional for a proper diagnosis.

Aircon Motor not starting

If you notice that the compressor’s motor is not starting despite repeated attempts, there could be a problem with your compressor’s start capacitor. If your air conditioner is not equipped with a start capacitor, consider installing one. If you have a capacitor, but it is not working fine, it’s time to call a technician to fix the problem. An expert will be able to suggest you whether the capacitor can be repaired or needs to be replaced.


This is one of the most common air conditioner problems. You may find your unit overheating after it runs even for a few minutes. Some common causes of overheating include improper maintenance, clogging, defective parts, faulty wiring and any defect in the compressor unit. There is not much that you can do on your own to fix the problem of overheating. It would be a good idea to leave the matter to an experienced technician.

Unfortunately, you may sometimes experience a complete compressor failure, and as a result, you may require to replace the compressor. Considering that the compressor is quite expensive, it is often better to invest in a new system, rather than replacing the defective compressor.

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